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An outrage beyond what that feature means

Netflix premieres took him away , the film directed by Angelina Jolie about the cambodian genocide

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An outrage beyond what that feature means

Netflix premieres took him away , film directed by Angelina Jolie about cambodian genocide

re Is a deep friendship between Angelina Jolie and you could get Ngu. “When I met her, I told her I wanted to adopt a child and I asked him if he was miffed,” says Jolie. “Supported Me”, you certify. The cambodian activist he smiled at her and noticed how she saw him grow. Speaking of Maddox, who is now 16 and his name appears in credits of film that he has directed his mor, an adaptation of memoir that was published could get in Ung, a survivor of genocide under Pol Pot regime, khmer rouge leader, in seventies.

Was taken: memories of a girl in Cambodia (recently released on Netflix) it could be story of any person who escapes atrocities that are being committed around world against innocent people. The conversation actress and activist, with THE COUNTRY took place, in fact, a couple of hours after that General Secretary of United Nations, António Guterres, urgiera to stop violence in Burma. Jolie was scheduled to meet with secretary general of UN next day, taking advantage that he was in New York promoting film.

Jolie and Guterres worked toger for a decade, when former Portuguese prime minister was at head of UN agency that protects civilians vulnerable as Ung. “I would like to believe that if we had known what was happening in Auschwitz, Cambodia or Bosnia would have responded immediately,” says actress, questioning that y have learned lessons of history. Quotes pictures heartbreaking coming from Yemen or Syria.

“can't we have more information available, more evidence before us and, we are, however, less. It is a very dark”, he regrets. Jolie insists that it is not enough for world leaders to show anger or go hanging labels. For a change, he insists, re must be a political commitment. “We do not we always say that we were going to do”, he adds.

it is Not only a problem of great leaders. The challenge, according to Ngu, is in manner in which it informs people. “The current cycle of news teaches a very small part of atrocities,” she explains, “so you are not able to fully develop human feeling that re is a conflict.” “In flow of information instantly,” he adds, “we risk losing ability to feel.”

The girl 'Was taken: memories of a girl from Cambodia'.

The film tries to show or side of coin of war. “Teaching heart instead of horrors, ties that bind us toger as strength, sacrifice, and dignity,” she says. The concept of family guide narrative. “I didn't want to remind people of atrocities that were committed,” says director. “It is for connections of family and community for what we fight”.

Ung was five years old when he was subjected to forced labour. The khmer rouge killed nearly two million cambodians. Tell story of anor person is complicated. The additional challenge, adds Jolie, was to do it through eyes of a girl. “They see and understand ir environment differently,” he explains. Why is giving clues to audience, to guide her through what she believes in without giving a political vision.

Jolie admits that film has a great risk at time of capturing interest of a public that is enthusiastic about emoji speaker of new iPhone, or playing with masks virtual on SnapChat. “People see news, but devotes very little time to m, sums m up and passes to anor thing,” she laments. “We need a new discipline for people to absorb information,” he says.

In fact, director indicated that it would have been impossible to produce film for anor format of distribution that would not have been Netflix. “The story would be lost,” he says. The hope of Ung is that this joint work will inspire young people to take action. “I continue to believe that people know what is right,” concludes director, “but we are not able to create a global action that makes a difference”.

A gift for your child

Angelina Jolie considers Cambodia as your second home. The actress of Evil or Tomb Raider takes 15 years doing humanitarian work in country. “Yes, y had a dark past but it was in a particular moment in its rich history,” she adds, “I want people to know him as he deserves”. The film, he says, is a gift to Maddox, adopted in 2002. “Is proud to be cambodian. That is not what you can teach your child. You must discover it alone.”

Many friends of Madoxx participated in deal. It is also a recognition of family could get in Ngu. Hopes that his story helps to “understand” what y spend refugees and contribution y make to society in united STATES or in Europe. “We must not see m as numbers, but as individuals and families,” adds actress. Jolie directed In land of blood and honey (2011), about Bosnian war, and Invincible (2014), based on Second World War.


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