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Anne Frank, open case

The researchers handle new hypotheses on the detention of the Jewish girl killed by the Nazis. The latest research points out that it was a woman the Delator

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Anne Frank, open case

The arrest of Anne Frank is one of great mysteries of Second World War. The Jewish girl, whose diary has become a symbol of Holocaust and is one of most widespread books of all time, was arrested on August 4, 1944 with seven people who hid in a house of 263 Prinsengracht Street , in Amsterdam. Although certainties about what happened that morning are practically over re, ories about ir detention have never ceased to be published and multiplied. The last one just appeared in a book and notes that culprit of his arrest was a woman, Ans van Dijk, executed by whistleblower for or cases in 1948.

"I never think we get an answer, but ories continue to appear every year," explains Dutch historian David Barnouw, one of great experts in history of German girl refugee in Holland, who has just published his latest book, The Phenomenon of Anne Frank (Indiana University Press, 2018). In chapter that dedicates to arrest, he writes: "We can no longer rebuild what happened. For now we'll have to make up for that. " However, Gertjan Broek, curator of Anne Frank House-Museum in Amsterdam and author of most complete investigation on arrest of girl, is more hopeful: "If re was a traitor it is possible that he or she will end up being discovered."

The memory of Holocaust

Anne Frank died at age of 15 in Nazi camp in Bergen Belsen in February 1945. When his far returned from camps, only survivor of family, two people who helped m hide, Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl, handed him papers y had funneled after arrest, including his two diaries. One was written in form of letters to herself and anor with intent to be, perhaps, published sometime. His last entries were on August 1, three days before arrest. 74 years after his death, he has become one of most important and read books in world and a symbol of horror of Nazism.

"She was a talkative, witty, intelligent girl," explains writer Eduardo Alonso, who has just published a version of his story, Anne Frank. The memory of Holocaust (Vicens Vives). "His diary is an unfolding epistolary with a confidant invented to tell him daily incidents of two years of confinement, his moods, confusions of adolescence, discovery of first love, gripped by fear and horrors of The war. Elie Wiesel, a few months older than she, survivor of Auschwitz, said to collect Nobel Peace Prize: ' We are not responsible for past, but we do remember it. ' Anne Frank is memory of Holocaust. "

Gertjan Broek made in 2016 for House-Museum a work in which analyzed all available sources and all hyposes that had been shuffled during different investigations of capture. Until n it had always been thought that re was an informer, first because it was believed by far of Anne Frank, Otto, only one of hidden ones who returned from fields of death, and second because in Holland re were many tips against Jews during war ( Many ors were also helped to hide by Gentiles. As Raul Hilberg explains in his classic The Destruction of European Jews (Akal), most thorough study of Holocaust, "if re was a country in western Europe where Jews did not have a chance on two to survive, that was Nerlands." Around 110,000 of 140,000 Jews living in Holland were killed, highest percentage outside Eastern Europe.

However, Broek offered in his research a new hyposis: that re was no treason, but that group that stopped Anne Frank was looking for coupons of false rationing and that, during registration y found house of back where y hid Families Frank and Van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer. One of arguments is that y were not at all prepared to make a mass arrest of Jews. Broek explains: "My research points to possibility that or illegal activities, apart from hiding Jews, were reason why police appeared. And we know that se activities took place in building: Two company commercials had been detained for dealing with coupons and food and it was also clear that among ir clients were people who helped Anne Frank and her family. "

The raid in house took place at 11.00 in morning and you don't even know all those who participated in it. It was directed by a non-SS officer, Karl Silberbauer, who worked as a policeman in Vienna after war and died in Freedom in 1974. The ory of treason is based on an alleged telephone call that was received at SS command in Amsterdam on August 4, 1944. The problem is that person who picked up phone died in 1945 without ever being interrogated.

Original of Diary of Anne Frank, exhibited in House-museum. In video, statements of Ronald Leopold, director of House of Anne Frank. Cris Toala Olivares Photo: Anne Frank House/Video: EPV

Gerard Kremer, aged 70, son of a member of resistance in Amsterdam, proposes anor hyposis in his book that has just come out in Holland, from Achtertuin van het Achterhuis (The backyard of Secret Annex): that his far saw Van Dijk talk to Nazi officials about a House in Prinsengracht at beginning of August of 1944. The name of Ans van Dijk, who conceded to have betrayed 125 people, had already gone out in or investigations, for example in Dutch journalist Sytze van der Zee in his book of 2010 who ratted out Anne Frank? However, Broek's investigation considers that re has never been conclusive evidence against her in case of Jewish girl.

With all possible suspects and all those who were directly related to arrest of Anne Frank deceased, artificial intelligence can offer one last chance. The FBI exagent Vince Pankoke has opened what he calls a cold case to review again, using Big Data to search all kinds of cross-references using all available documentation of case, from phone records to or arrest warrants In same area and same people who arrested Anne Frank — Prinsengracht Street has never appeared —. At London Fair, held in early May, an agreement was announced with Harper Collins to publish in 13 languages, including Castilian, a book, Cold case Diary, on this new research, perhaps last opportunity to clarify case.


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