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Another woman in the life of Cervantes

José Cabello, the archivist of La Puebla de Cazalla discovers key clues for the biography of the author of Don Quixote in Andalusia

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Another woman in the life of Cervantes

In this endless game of forgetfulness and mirages that is life of Miguel de Cervantes, Andalusia is like a well in which to rummage. It was in prison of Seville where it ended a few months by an excess of confidence in a usurer and re began to imagine Quixote. In south he stopped when he decided to leave his family in Esquivias (Toledo) to seek life in a more exciting metropolis than that manchego people, where he came in search of better fortune and more animation.

He was a magician of letters, but also of numbers. Jordi Gracia notes it in most solid biography appeared among new ones. Both aptitudes set ir pleasure, ir fulfillment and ir survival. He charged as a royal commissioner and collector for field. And what was going on in different routes throughout Andalusia was inspiration of ir various books. But, above all, of this handbook of travel and Bestiary, apart from total novel that is Don Quixote. Among its stops is Puebla de Cazalla, about 70 kilometres from Seville.

Over re it happened and for years it follows track José Cabello (La Puebla de Cazalla, 1962), archivist of people. Thanks to this, he has contributed most important biographical novelties about author. In his simple and obscure office of municipal library, Cabello tries to unravel clues. It makes it glued to archive, where it keeps documents eaten and diffused in which it remains constancy of passage of Cervantes in zone. "Here he walked between February 21st and April 28th, 1593. His duty was to collect wheat to make biscuits. " Not in current and fluffy sense. Rar mazacotes of flour to be preserved in long voyages with which to feed invincible armada.

The peasants of hair behaved. "He picked up here and around 998 bushels and paid spot 19,500 Maravedis." There were no notable altercations, as in or locations where he even commanded to seize in rebellion until Sacristans. Or what happened to Castro del Rio, where y wanted to empurar him for illegal sale of wheat. Nor did he have to cope with riots and revolt. He was only straininged by his comings and goings on backs of a mule, raising greater glory of Empire, His majesty and misery of peasants.

Bad Seat ass

The provinces of Granada, Jaén, Córdoba, Cádiz, Sevilla... By Écija he raised wheat and oil, went through Marchena, Morón de la Frontera, Arahal, Villa Martín, Úbeda, Baeza... He suffered grievances, misunderstandings and persecutions. The trade of collector raised many hatreds and resentment. Anyone could play it around corner. Thanks to José Cabello is certified his passage through Puebla de Cazalla, where he has managed to enter circuit of route Cervantine and has been erected a statue. Anor surprise was Osuna. And as if it were a catchy current when it comes to rummaging in archives, some researchers have recently discovered that he also walked around. Andalusia, border of La Mancha, is enlarged in recent years as a fundamental cervantino puzzle. Sevilla was a city of reference in his life, as well as Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Valladolid, his happy years in Rome and Naples or his torments in Algiers. Bad-seat ass. Writer of baggage and experiences. If we do not speak of a true Ulysses on frontier between Renaissance and Baroque, what is Cervantes? "

His task was most ungrateful, as an account Andres Repielo in lives of Miguel de Cervantes: Could order prisons and embargoes, kidnappings of goods, apprehension of baggage, cars and wagons, fine correctors, pay carriers, Carters, post Office, Write. But worst thing was that, despite being decent what he perceived, he did not advance a penny of his salary.

One of best ways to unravel those black wells of his biography is to encircle those around him. Cabello, in addition to Cervantes Trail, has followed that of its closest circle in Andalusia. And that's how you got to an interesting track. If he did not charge in advance, at time of doing so should show blind confidence in someone who did it for him. This is how he found following: "What did a woman, named Magdalena Enríquez, go for 19,200 Maravedis that corresponded to him in his name and with a power of attorney?"

In this way a key and unknown person appears to date in life of Cervantes. This is revealed by documents of hair has found in archive of Indies of Seville and to which Jean Canavaggio, citing, alludes in review which makes its canonical biography reprinted in 2015. But Sevillian researcher has investigated more since n: "She was a fascinating woman. Why does it appear as a drop of water in ocean that is its life? Confidence between m existed. Much. " He lived in Bayonne Street, which he communicated with stands of mancebía. It was bizcochera. He made large quantities for Navy. "

Controlled or at least had access to Cervantes numbers. But re is something that also connects it with letters and induces to think even more intimate proximity: "In 1592 his signature indicates that it was practically illiterate." A year later he stamped documents with a crystalline calligraphy. "Who was his master?" he asks hair.

More information about his biography. He controlled Bizcochero Guild, very much on rise for provisions of Navy. He was trusted by some influential people in area like Cristóbal Bermúdez, who gives him powers to do business. She was a collection expert. Alive, perceptive, efficient. "He married at age 11 with a man next to him who had seven children and who years later described as old and small. He contracted second marriage with anor, Francisco Montesdeoca, also skillful to make money. But in disparate settings. Besides bread, it had ships, chemists and a brol, "says investigator.

And this is how Magdalena Enríquez breaks into one of most enigmatic and fascinating biographies in history of Universal literature... Anor woman to add to list of a man who was more comfortable among m than with those of his same sex.


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