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' Apaches ', a neighborhood story, loyalty and justice

Antena 3 debuts the series based on the novel by Miguel Sáez Carral, which has been prepared since 2015

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' Apaches ', a neighborhood story, loyalty and justice

Apaches have been kept waiting. The series has been prepared waiting to find a hole in TV grid since 2015. Today, with 2018 just started, premiere Antena 3 (22.30) after Netflix has been responsible for its release in rest of world, producing curious circumstance that a series of production 100% Spanish has been seen before abroad in Spain. Miguel Sáez Carral, author of novel on which he is based and scriptwriter and producer of series, this actually gives him peace of mind. "You already have a bit of a return of spectators through social networks, and that reassures now that it arrives at Antena 3. I got a pretty good answer from people from United States, Mexico, Italy, England... ". The protagonist of series, actor Alberto Ammann, saw her abroad while filming in Budapest. "I have received messages from Brazil, Turkey...", he says.

As author describes, Apache is story "of a son who decides to do anything to do justice after his far gets a very bad trick." Both plot and some characters are based on real life of Sáez carral, although it clarifies that "it is fiction, not an autobiography". In first few seconds of series, protagonist advances The Spectator, in a voice-over, a question: how far would you be willing to go to save your family? Because, after discovering that his far has been swindled, Miguel (Ammann) enters a journey into world of crime in search of justice. "He returns to neighborhood of which he left long ago and re he meets his friend of that time [tailor, interpreted by Eloy Azorín] who, unlike him, is a criminal. And toger y start this road of robbery and robbery to give back to ir far what y should not have taken away from him, "explains Sáez Carral.

Alberto Ammann and Verónica Echegui, in ' Apaches '.

Apaches, produced by Sequoia, moves away from thriller to enter world of emotions and history of characters. "Talk about family, what we are willing to do to help people we love, loyalty and pay debts of past, understood as giving back to people who love us how good y did for us," says writer and screenwriter. So what author highlights about Ammann's interpretation is precisely that emotional side. "Apaches may seem like a story of action, but it's actually a story of many emotions, and Albert that caught it right away. Gave him a very personal and emotional point of view. He was able to give character a series of nuances that would make him change throughout 12 chapters. "

Ammann also helped him in his interpretation memories of his youth. The series is set in Madrid district of Tetuán of nineties, a place that is very present in history. "There are neighborhoods that are one more character, like Carabanchel, Tetuan... I have lived in neighborhoods in Argentina that had that characteristic, three in particular were like that, and have similar codes, are middle-class workers, lower middle class, with a large marginal zone... I worked trying to remember that essence and characters that I knew in my neighborhood, "says Argentine interpreter to El PAÍS.

Alberto Ammann and Eloy Azorín.

For adaptation to television format, Sáez Carral had collaboration of two or screenwriters, Carlos Montero and María López Castaño. "Between three we decided how I was going to do adaptation, and it served me a lot to situate myself outside and not be in that paranoid thing of being writer and screenwriter, fighting with myself to see what I put and what not," says Sáez Carral, who defends series as a work Differe Nte of novel. "When you write a novel, you're Alone and that's it, nobody changes it. But work of a series is of many people, and as a writer you must respect it. It's based on your novel, but it's a different play. "

A long wait

The premiere of Apaches by Antena 3 has been made to beg. "I believe that several circumstances have been conjugated. On one hand, which is a closed series, ends with se 12 chapters, "says Miguel Sáez carral. With this format, chains do not see mselves in need to release soon to decide wher producers renew or not contracts of those involved in series for a new season. "On or hand, it does not deal with a topical issue, but it is a universal me that can be fashionable today and within five years. The sacrifice, family, love, loyalty, neighborhood... ", adds writer and screenwriter.

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