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Arcade Fire, a concert spree

The Canadian group sprinkled with their joy a euphoric Sant Jordi who disted from filling

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Arcade Fire, a concert spree

Yes, it is true, topic on indie pata Negro, a current present layer of fall, indicates that musicians have an air absorbed fruit of how difficult it is to confront fact of living. Life hurts, it is an emotional mountain that costs to ascend, and refore those faces of distance and seriousness and that apparent contempt for success. None of that blocks with one of references of current indie, those Arcade Fire that this Saturday y mounted ir particular spree at Sant Jordi. Its expansive character already began with its exit on track, circulating among public in a hallway while a presenter introduced m as if y were boxers heading to ring, at same stage, its scenario, located in center of ring-shaped track. This intrusion of musicians was seemed a little ridiculous by forced, but at same time showed that indie no longer suffers, now one seeks bath of multitudes.

And with Canadian troupe in its stage began spread, because it is what Arcade Fire offer with its music. The second song was already a hit of weight of Rebellion and put public as goats. Help that as in first topic, everything Now, and as in third composition, Here comes Night Time and in many ors, humming syllabic form part of letters, which involves a point of unstoppable joy drunken to tone m. In line, re were already members of band waving towel over ir heads as if that were a bachelor party that has entered phase of combustion. And it was just beginning of recital! And fourth me, because more of same, more jovial humming in beginning of No Cars Go, with audience surrounding stage to which had been removed ropes that gave him look of ring. And to furr emphasize effervescence of concert, some topics were announced in bright, a way to anticipate salivation of staff even before seeing food.

And perhaps because y already consider it amusing enough to offer image of nine musicians giving jumps by scene, show offered little more than that, many people to look at. The ring had just above a screen run on each side of it in which projected images not particularly striking. The screens also served to give directions to public, such as requesting ignition of mobile, digital successors of old lighter, just before it's Never Over. The lights did play a more prominent role, especially thanks to use of spotlights that roamed premises distributing light oriented, or falling vertically on margins of ring, which could n recall teleportation Chamber of Enterprise. The rest, human material in motion.

The repertoire offered a good representation to last and fifth album of study of group, Everything Now toger with inevitable successes still inwirable like Ready to Start, Reflektor, Afterlife, Neighborhood 3 or Wake up with which y closed a concert that rang Desbarajustado, very contemporary charanga. But that's angel that Arcade Fire fans are looking for. They were not enough to fill Sant Jordi, just about 10,000, but precise ones to mount a spree of Tomo and Lomo. What Arcade Fire continue to offer as if life was a mountain that has to climb up a towel.


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