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Ask your doctor, not your friend

One out of 10 people in Turkey refers to a specialist for psychological problems and uses antidepressants with a doctor's suggestion. However, in recent years, the increased use of "friend advice" and medicines taken without consulting the doctor, rather than reducing the level of anxiety increases and leads to major health problems.

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Ask your doctor, not your friend

Assist psychiatry expert who antidepressants hormones under control and should be used under control of expert physician. Prof. Dr. Saban said effect on humans was used to change hormones in brain, molecule-shaped anti-depresseins discovered in ' 70s.

These drugs are effective in decreasing or increasing hormones in brain, reducing or increasing normal level, Dr. Karayagiz said, "Not only for depression, but for patients with anxiety disorders, research conducted The result is determined. The high-level side effects of past have been reduced to a minimum and are used for patient-appropriate treatments, "he said.

There are significant side effects

Noting that use of unconsciously anti-depressants has increased in recent years, effects of Caribbean antidepressants and points to be noted about use of following:

  • "Without expert physician's suggestion, people like spouses, friends, friends, ' It's good for me, you can also lead to major health problems with suggestion you use '. Because antidepressants has different properties and effects of human body are heavily medicated drugs, patient should be evaluated well in accordance with complaints and specialist physician should be given appropriate dose of personal medication. Due to evaluation of patient relatives and patient's expression in a certain period of time, appropriate drug from antidepressant group should be recommended by specialist physician.

Affects health of soul and body

According to NTV, use of non-compliance antidepressants leads to serious consequences. Due to anxiety disorder, some patients who do not use appropriate medication increase anxiety levels, resulting in physiological consequences such as palpitations and sleep disorders. The feeling of psychological uncontrollable excitement and restlessness attracts person into an emotional coil. With excessive irritability and crying seizures, table becomes even heavier. As a result, concentration of anxiety levels has a risk of turning into suicidal thinking over time.


Anxiety and emotion-condition disorder in each patient suggests itself differently. Therefore, patient is used with special antidepressants, i.e. treatment plan is determined according to person.


The effect of antidepressant group drugs is felt two weeks after drug is not in a day or two, and continues gradually until 8th week.

For example, a drug treatment that starts from moment of anxiety disorder and lasts for at least 6 months is recommended. Treatment time is determined according to effects of drugs. The duration of effects of certain medications may vary according to patient. Dosage adjustments should be made in start and end times of drugs. Among people, idea that drugs in this group damaged kidney and liver, brain rots is not true. There are no addictive properties of drugs. The drugs in antidepressant group should be used not on friendly advice, but with suggestion of specialist physicians. "



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