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At the Merah trial, the "cinema" of the Anonymous witness "N ° 35"

On the third day of the hearing, a police officer who claimed anonymity to make his statement as he appeared on his face discovered in the press seven months ago, aroused the wrath of the President of the court.

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At the Merah trial, the
Since Monday, 2 October, in Salle Voltaire of Palais de Justice of Paris, Merah trial, without Mohamed Merah; Where chief accused, his great bror Abdelkader, was sent back for complicity in murders on basis of a cluster of clues, but without irrefutable evidence; And where, since Wednesday, testify to men with no name and no face. This is starting to make a little too many absences to make justice in good conditions.

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Of 55 witnesses who come to appear throughout month of October, ten are numbers. On Tuesday evening, Eric Voulleminot, deputy director responsible for combating terrorism at Central Directorate of Judicial Police (DCPJ) at time of killings perpetrated by Mohamed Merah in 2012, had renounced anonymity, and "N ° 46" which had been Awarded, to come to bar testify to face uncovered.

He succeeded him on Wednesday, "N ° 30" and "N ° 35", who were present in courtroom only through a screen where y appeared hidden behind a blind, in twilight. It was with transformed voice that se two officials of PJ of Toulouse made ir deposition, describing in a very methodical, and sometimes very identical way, unfolding of attacks that made seven deaths in Toulouse and Montauban in March 2012. The day before, "N ° 46" had unfolded, little or no less, same narrative, so often heard, of bloody course of Mohamed Merah.

The return of "lone wolf" sis

But conclusions of "N ° 46", "N ° 30" and "N ° 35" are not same. The latter differs from first because it "totally refutes" sis of "Lone Wolf", a sis allowing to minimise possible shortcomings of intelligence services at time, and advanced sis Tuesday night by Eric Voulleminot. He had as accusation, and made happiness of defence, asserting that Mohamed Merah had "chosen only his targets, made his own scouting, and committed his crimes alone".

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"Do you realize that your testimony can lead to a probable acquittal of accused?" asked Me Jean Tamalet, lawyer of a civil party. Those of defence drank whey: A policeman went in direction that dédouanait (relatively) ir clients, taking away (more or less) role of accomplice who could send m to prison.

On Wednesday, "N ° 35" asserts on contrary that Mohamed Merah was not a lone wolf: "Yes, he was alone when he pressed weapon, but investigation determined that re were complicities." And re are two people sent back to box. It is for that reason, he says, that this policeman called for anonymity: Toulouse is a stronghold of strong Islamist radicalisation. Working on spot, having my wife and children on site, I refuse to appear face discovered in front of mis en cause who still have family and acquaintances in Toulouse. »

"A farce"

Eric DuPont-Moretti, lawyer of Abdelkader Merah, n leaves his bench, approaches microphone and addresses "N ° 35": "This is cinema, what you just said." Light quivering in room. "You asked for your anonymity at last moment, but we know your name, it appears in a great daily from southwest." Me Smith-Moretti n seized a touch tablet and showed court daily newspaper Dispatch in which, seven months ago, this same policeman gave an interview titled "Five years later, I have forgotten nothing", and adorned with a beautiful portrait: "Here is your VI" Wise. Then you make fun of world. »

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"He has given some sixty interviews," says DuPont-Moretti, about this PJ officer who is often mediated by his union duties. So when you say you're scared, I don't know if you're telling truth. If you participate in media debates, you need to come to justice. It is in courts that justice is done. Here you are, Mr. "N ° 35", which I wanted to tell you. »

The President of court, Franck Zientara, falls from nude, annoys himself, and regrets having granted anonymity to "N ° 35": "If I had known existence of this interview, it is clear that I would have made anor decision." At end of hearing, Olivier Morice, a lawyer in family of murdered soldier Mohamed Legouad, denounces an "outrageous anonymity", a "farce", a "disrespect to families of victims and accused". From now on, he will systematically oppose anonymisations for police who have spoken in press. Nice feat of police officer "N ° 35": For first time of trial, when y had just spent three days in a violent squabble at times, Mr. Dunn-Moretti, Mr. Morice and President of Court agreed on one point.


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