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Ballroom dances return to the track

The 1 debuts dancing with the Stars, with Joaquín Cortés on the jury

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Ballroom dances return to the track

The great entertainment bet of 1 for second semester of year has nothing to do with a kitchen stove or a singing academy for young Millenials. The ballroom dancing starring in Dancing with Stars (Tuesday 15, 22.30), famous format of BBC strictly Come dancing in TVE and had its version with seven editions that added Mira who dances between 2005 and 2009 and n jumped to Telecinco as more than dancing. Now re will be 12 celebrities to participate with a dozen professional dancers to prove that y are most and best learn on track. The presenter of Operation Triumph, Roberto Leal, and Rocío Muñoz will be drivers of space.

The group of celebrities is made up of swimmer Gemma Abatel, YouTuber Patry Jordan, Fresh topaz artist, stylist Pelayo Díaz, singers David Bustamante and Merche, actor Fernando Guillén Cuervo, humorist Manu Sánchez, businesswoman Amelia Bono , actress Rossy de Palma, canoeist Javier Hernanz and Pablo Ibáñez, man in black of anthill. Each week y will have to demonstrate to public ir evolution and versatility in dances such as Rumba, Tango, QuickStep, samba, pasodoble, foxtrot, Waltz or Chachacha.

The jury of contest, whose only prize will be to reach final, is formed by dancer Joaquín Cortés, dance teacher Isabel Perez and choreographer Moira Chapman. "This country needs culture. I always complained that whole world loves dancing and that in Spain, re is a lot of talent, re was a program like this, "said Cortés in presentation of reality last Wednesday. The dancer participates for first time in Spain as a jury of such a space. "It is a surprise that I am here, but it has made me very excited because it is a quality program. I wanted to get this format to Spain, because I think audience needs programs like this, "said Cortés, who finished his speech by assuring that he will be demanding with contestants, but also affectionate.

Enlarge photo Rossy de Palma, Javier Hernanz, Gemma waning, Roberto Leal, Pablo Ibáñez, Rocío Muñoz, Amelia Bono, Davis Bustamante, Topaz Fresh, Patry Jordan, Merche, Manu Sánchez and Pelayo Díaz. Samuel of Roman Getty

"It is a demanding format, celebrities by contract have a minimum of 12 hours of rehearsal a week", explained Laia Vidal, director of Dancing with Stars and veteran of your face sounds to me, anor of programs of producer Gestmusic, also responsible for Operation Triumph. The participants all agreed to admit that level of dance required is far superior to what y already had. Some, like Rossy de Palma, already had some experience: "I love to dance, but I have always done it alone. I love dancing, but now to Curran. "

"We all thought you danced until you got here. The only thing scary in program is not entertaining. If I don't get much level, unless audience laughs, "said comedian Manu Sanchez. "It is very different to dance so in pool, by me of steps and coordinate, because in water I do everything backwards," said Abatel, who was first contestant announced.

The Pros

Each celebrity competes in Dancing with Stars with a professional dancer (always same person). These will be ones in charge of preparing choreographies. The professional team is made up of Rosa Carnet, champion of Spain in Latin in 2016-2018; Mireya Arizmendi; Yana Oliana, champion of Spain in absolute category in 10 dances; Inés Miñana; Sara Baudín; Arismel Naya; Santiago hail; Rubén Salvador; Roger Romero; Abel Gil); Rubén Rodríguez, winner of Spanish championship; E Iban Salgado, champion of Spain in 10 dances.


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