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Bambi again

For the moment, in Spain, those who applaud the popular festivities in which they abuse or kill an animal win

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Bambi again

Julio arrives and is mamatical: waiters leave to defend party with same bravery with which Toril bulls leave. They defend bullfights, confinement, Liturgy of Blood and nobility which, apparently, this tradition entails. They leave hasty waiters, early, y manifest mselves in defense of bullfighting festivals long before someone writes an opinion against, courageous without necessity or, as now it is said, politically incorrect, y make run rivers of ink accusing Bambi lovers of wanting to sour a fun so genuine. More than passion is fury shown by waiters in his words, so much so that Minister of Culture, just released his portfolio, had to Amagar and soften his past as animal Rapporteur. Let no one be missed. If minister had gotten into that garden, it wouldn't have lasted two days. And it was enough with previous one who had to apologize for not being soccer (although at end of his departure for tax purposes). Honestly, I believe that a minister of culture is forgiven more in our country than to read a book that dares to disagree with national shows. As for cinema, it is solved with watching cinema of neighborhood.

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  • The confinement is untouchable; Let's talk about bullfight

These dates arrive and it is scary to write about cruelty of some brutal images that come from Spanish confinement (including Catalonia). They are scenes that has one in memory of when I was a girl and saw passing from balcony to Bulls fleeing waiters who enjoyed making m doggy pranks in a time in which no one in my environment had pronounced expression "animal abuse". It was scary sound that made legs of animal against ground, blood sprouting from spine and thick saliva slipping through tongue, also frightened sweat of waiters who still exhaled alcohol night before, cries of women , Onomatopoeias with which boys provoked animals and sticks by beating horns. It was a spectacle that caused me stupor, because sensed in that a kind of baptism of brutality. I grew up, developed a personal sensibility to animals, apart from any organized group, but some of people I wanted n and n, neir worse nor better than me, continued to enjoy ir tradition without slightest shadow of doubt . They are so sure that this is an indisputable way to have fun and to defend identity of ir little homeland that y would understand as an unacceptable meddling which by decree would be banned from what some claim to be waiting for all year. It will be time or education in empathy with animal suffering who puts an end to this, in no case a column like one I now write.

So, as little optimistic that I am about to see someday end of closures, I am surprised by wear of energy from those who come to opinion columns to defend m as if y had to collect same value that comes to run in front of bull. The vehemence becomes aggressive when it is exerted by those who are winning, and for now, in Spain, y win effortlessly those who applaud popular festivities in which it stuns, vapuleas, abuses or kills an animal. So much defense of political incorrectness and what y want is for dissident to shut his mouth so as not to embitter party. And yes, it is easy to ridicule those who love animals, or who are confined to respect m, not to disturb natural course of ir lives. It is simple and very topical and define m as idiots who have believed fictions of Disney and wants to hug cobras and caress Coyotes: "But n you kill mosquito that does not let you sleep, eh!".

What is annoying is vehemence and repetition of concepts. At this time, Angry boys go out to defend most subsidized, most encouraged by city councils, extra publicized, which enjoys a significant visibility in media; They shout, to four winds to remain afónicos, that a wave of Puritanism seeks to end most auntic amusement, that which understands that festival is transgression, exchange of papers, liberating demor, subversion, vent and everything. But y will not move m. That's clear. So it has been since I have memory, and so will be I fear for a long time; In such a way that girl is calm. Although I sense that we are many who do not like this show, our will, for now, is worth less than yours.

Do not presumáis, dear young men, of daring in your closed defence because here, for moment, camináis hand of competent authority. And that is incompatible: to be rebellious and to be subsidized.

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  • The confinement is untouchable; Let's talk about bullfight


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