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' Betrayal ': Families are to stick knives

TVE launches ' betrayal ', the return of Ana Belén to television accompanied by Carlos Bardem and Manuela Velasco

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' Betrayal ': Families are to stick knives

"Imagine that everyone in Dallas was J.R.." So bluntly and quickly describes Carlos Bardem series that 1 debuts today (22.30). The plot of treachery does honor his title. Nobody can trust anyone here. "Everyone at some point betrays or is betrayed," actor says. A series on line of Dallas or Falcon Crest which, according to ir protagonists, becomes more crazed as Avanza. All part of Clan Patriarch's announcement during a family meal that will make ir lives go upside down and come out to show off worst face of each one. Betrayal keeps secrets and surprises throughout 10 chapters of his first season.

Manuela Velasco is declared a fan of Falcon Crest. "Angela Channing was a character that fascinated me." As a child, I liked to imitate it in my room, I alone, with my dolls, I imagined sitting at your table and directing your lands, "confesses to country interpreter, who in treason gives life to one of median daughters of clan," a Kind of Mister Wolf , character of Pulp Fiction, business cleaner and blunders of her husband's paw, "interpreted by Israel Elejalde.

Because in this series y all have things to hide. Also character of Bardem, partner of anor of Daughters of family, interpreted by Nathalie Poza. "It is a man who has two faces as little, though he may have three or four throughout series." He was also a follower of Dallas and Falcon Crest. However, it highlights a difference in its new series: "Here re is no melodrama and re is a lot of drama, which at times is going to be very crazy and refore very amusing." Velasco delves into this direction. "The series begins as a family saga to use, but gives a twist that gets closer to things we've seen out here like Fargo, a very crazy thing." Ramón Campos, producer and creator of series, already forwarded it when y presented fiction last September in FesTVal of Vitoria: "We wanted to tell a Christmas dinner of any family multiplied by 10." "That's treason."

Both Carlos Bardem and Manuela Velasco had previously worked with Bamboo, producer of series, he at embassy and she, in Velvet. Anor determining factor that both stand out to join this project was a deal with names such as Poza, Elejalde, Antonio Velázquez and Natalia Rodriguez and actress and singer Ana Belén in front, who returns to television on a leading role 18 years After Petra delicate. "It is captain of boat and it is wonderful to have her, an actress with an absolute mastery of trade, an integral artist", describes Bardem. "His films, which I saw as a small, like hive, demons in garden, his Adela in house of Bernarda Alba ..., I marked a lot," adds Velasco. "It is a person who, without knowing it, was very fond of her, and is very, very dear in my family," adds Concha Velasco's niece.

From first chapter, everyone in Fuentes family will be suspected of a crime. But actors did not see name of culprit until ninth episode, as Manuela Velasco confesses. "Although, for now, none of us have just believed it, it seems to us that it can be a cover-up and that something remains to be known," he recognizes. "We all look at each or with some distrust," Bardem jokes of a shoot that will continue until next month. "Everything can change from one chapter to anor," he tops.

From ' The Son ' to ' area '

This fall, Carlos Bardem makes a double on television. In addition to treason, actor participates in area, Movistar series. This same year he has participated in anor series, in this case American, The Son, starring Pierce Brosnan. And in last three years it has also been part of embassy and Crows Club. "It has come like this," says actor asked for his greatest presence on little screen in recent times. "The Great commercial cinema has puerilizado, to put it in some way: The great blockbusters are stories of superheroes, special effects ..." "I miss middle class of more author stories, of characters, and that has been in television for a few years, with more risky narratives than for me, as an actor and spectator, are more interesting."


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