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Big door for Octavio Chacón

Poplar also cut an ear to a very astifina, noble and ragged run of barley Gago

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Big door for Octavio Chacón

(First things first: Today 9 July is two years after death of bullfighter Víctor Barrio in plaza of Teruel. Remember memory that yesterday did not have Feria de San Fermín.

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Octavio Chacón — Fourteen years of alternative — has said in Pamplona that he has come to stay. A little late, but to stay. It has not been his easy path, but his Triumph Sanferminero does justice to a lifetime dedicated to bull, a bullfighter long forgotten by all, tanned in hard runs and, above all, cemented in an unwavering faith in its possibilities.

He did not cut his ears for modern and artistic tasks; This bullfighting does not allow bull of barley, bland and noble, persecuted of bad fame and with pitons like needles, but by its disposition, security, delivery, technique, craft and good taste. Chacón is a classic, heroic bullfighter, and that's enough.

Before his two bulls, first, and very noble, but injured on left leg or, showed a clear knowledge of terrain and handling of deceptions. He received one who opened square with a long change of knees, a pair of tight chicuelinas and a good cut average; He threw Veronica into room, and both reached isolated moments of high bullfighting. He deplanted knee on ground before first in task of crutch, he brought face to muzzle of bull, which he did for him, threw bullfighter in air and waited with intention of sticking python in belly. That impression was in square, but a crease of satchel stopped Astifino pin and, miraculously, everything was in a fright.

Chacón understood public Navarro, and Hincó on his knees, first, and was adorned by moccasins, n, aware of tastes of Peñas de Sol; And his companions of Terno followed his example: Moccasins and Muletazos on ir knees lavished Bolivar and Juan del Alamo, knowing that temple and low hand is not what maridad with snack and Calimocho.

Of Poplar cut an ear to third of afternoon by a great thrust in hole of needles, and a decent and acceptable performance, but lacking of substance. He stained his knees for muletear, round, Windlass and in a final desplane, but killed sixth and frustrated big door.

Bolivar really tried and was above little class of his first, although cleanliness of muletazos not produce any tension; And he was not interested in fifth, anor bull who moved with his own, even though fennel began and finished his work.

Barley/CHACÓN, BOLÍVAR, Poplar

Bulls of Barley Gago, very well presented, Astifinos, Mansurrones, bland and noble; He highlighted fourth for its nobility and quality.

Octavio Chacón: Almost entire fall (ear); Almost whole (ear). He went on his shoulders.

Luis Bolívar: Almost entire _ notice _ two hairs and bull is cast (silence); Thrust and Fall (silence).

John of Poplar: Great thrust (ear); Thrust and fall, three hairs and bull is cast (silence).

Pamplona Square. Third bullfight of Feria de San Fermín. July 9th. Full.


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