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Can you judge a series only for your first episode?

The Spanish Felix premieres the official competition Canneseries the same day that Movistar presents one of his upcoming shows, Giants, with José Coronado

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Can you judge a series only for your first episode?
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  • Cannes is passed to series
  • ' Felix ', History of an obsession between mountains

"They say that you should not judge a book by its cover, can you judge a series by its first episode?" That was question that marked press conference with jury of first series festival held in Cannes, Canneseries, and which is repeated se days.

addressed to President of this jury, novelist and now screenwriter of television, Harlan Coben, who, precisely, close contest with his new show, Safe (Netflix), did not hesitate. "There are also books that are judged in first 20 pages, although trial may not be right one, it can happen that book does not hook you up in those Top 20 page," he said. And same goes for series. "In today's world, if you don't catch in first 20 or 30 minutes, re are 400 or ' shows ' that you can see."

At or end of table was seated Michael Kenneth Williams, legendary Omar of Wire, one of those series that perhaps, to be released today, would not have so many possibilities to endure in this new world of infinite possibilities, with spectators less Patients.

"The series are something you see with anxiety, you see with control of TV in your hand thinking wher or not you follow. There is a tension around series which, as a spectator and I am, is interesting; And creators have to be aware of it, "said Cesc Gay at press conference after screening in Cannes of his first series, Felix.

Felix, premiered on Friday in Spain on Movistar , was in charge of opening competition on Sunday morning in a room full of international audience. Despite fear that humour is worst translates between cultures, " audience laughed at scenes that should laugh," says actor starring Leonardo Sbaraglia; and finished projection with a triple applause for team displaced to Cannes: Gay, Sbaraglia and actress my Hao Lee, who had arrived in morning after a long adventure by car from Barcelona.

Now, if you liked that first episode and want to continue watching Felix will have to wait for series to sell to ir countries, something that could happen in this same environment within market, MIPTV.

Both Gay and Sbaraglia believe that whole series should be seen to understand everything from genres in which it is framing, between suspense and humour, as a reference to Hitchcock, to character itself protagonist and sensitivity and bravery that Characterized. But y understand Canneseries "like a fantastic party." "If y had to see everything, jury should have come weeks ago," says director. "And to be one of 10 series that have chosen from all over world, is already a prize," adds Argentinean actor.

Felix frame mselves, y believe, in that "new genre that are series like ' Fargo ' or ' True Detective." "They end up and re may be a second season but that has nothing to do." Felix ' ends here, but he's still alive, and re could be anor story without Chinese, without Andorra. '

Cesc Gay, like Harlan Coben, also compares series with books to explain how way to consume on-screen content has changed. "A movie ater is a ritual, it's a pact with spectator, time stops," he says. "While television you see it and world follows you around. At home I have five books open, and with same series, you see several at once and each sees his. It's a very intimate relationship and creators all have to know, especially those of us who come from cinema, who are more accustomed to being listened to. "

' The Godfar ' Castizo

If somewhere you can open debate about wher you can judge a series for your first episode is se days in Cannes. While Canneseries teaches 10 pilots from 10 series from nine different countries, in MIPTV re are lectures and continuous presentations to expose trends of creation and consumption, new formats and advances in series that will probably be spoken in future not So far away. Among se shows, is giant, first series of director Enrique Urbizu for which he has his actor fetish, José Coronado.

A drama "on Crime and Mafia" with a Shakespearean background that names Italian Gomorrah or godfar as references for dealing with clash of generations in underworld. Although it will debut in autumn, Movistar has advanced this Sunday in Cannes 15 minutes of giants to potential buyers of world, while you are here seeing what is done in or countries. "We are generators and content buyers, and we come here with two missions," says Sergio Oslé, head of Telefónica Video in Spain.

"I'm here to support ' Felix ' and to assure international distributors that production of series is a priority" born of confidence after success harvested outside, not only in Spanish-speaking countries because area will soon be released in U.S.


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