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Cansever's dream will be real

The project of Istanbul, where the architect Turgut Cansever, prepared in 2005 and announced the headline of Yeni Şafak, is becoming real. The plan to create two regions on two sides of Istanbul, which was announced by Urbanism Minister Mehmet Özhaseki, brought the design of cansever to mind.

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Cansever's dream will be real

Environment and Urbanism Minister Mehmet Özhaseki, European and Anatolian side of Istanbul will create earthquake-resistant 2 regions, he said. Stating that urban transformation will carry 10-12 districts to se two regions, Ozhaseki said population of se areas would be 1 million. The project brought project to minds of wise architect Turgut Cansever, announcing new dawn in 2005. In an interview dated October 26, 2005, Cansever said only solution was to build new cities.

4.5 million people to move

The Istanbul Earthquake Study Group, consisting of 140 scientists announcing headline of New Dawn, examines earthquake-risky regions, noting that group considers alternatives to building strengning, renewing and moving specified. The first stage of study was aimed at establishing a pilot city of 25,000 people in Thracian region within a year. After 500-700 thousand people wanted to build new cities, Cansever argued that nearly one million would save lives to move to se cities. It is remarkable that 65 percent of Istanbulis say ' move ' in poll. In second phase of project, a total of 4.5 million istanbulla will be transported to regions in Thrace and Anatolia. The target was to ensure that 3 million residents were transported in January 2006. In scope of project, transportation of hunters and ECE districts was foreseen.


12 years later, project was from Raftan

It's been 12 years since project. In this process, several urban transformation steps were taken to Istanbul, but requested data could not be reached. Years later, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which downloaded project from shelf, founded a special unit for Istanbul. The Minister Özhaseki, who gives information about his work, will be 10-12 districts in new district we set up on European side. It takes 8-10 districts in Anatolian side. One's a military field, or doesn't look that military. It'll be clearer in 1 month. I'm going to build city on European side with 1 million inhabitants and neighborhood tissue. No upgrades. Residents will be transported primarily to areas that can be demolished against earthquakes, which should be used as social reinforcement areas but in occupied places- contents of creek beds-will be transported in second ring. So earthquake-resistant new district will be released, so that old towns are going to relax, "he said.


Bagcilar to be moved

"In Istanbul, Esenler, Güngören, Bagcilar, Eyüp and Sultangazi are very closely involved in environment, noting that y will work on subject by end of this year. In second ring, Fatih, Bahcelievler, n hunters are most risk-bearing places. It's a brand new city in last five years, "he said. Özhaseki, who said that architecture of new districts, said that 10-15 architect works on issue, new districts will allow up to 6 floors including floor, he noted. Özhaseki added that y want to finish fear of earthquakes in 15 years, if y do ir work.

  • 500 thousand residences will be renewed in a year
  • Reminding biggest earthquake risk in Istanbul, Minister Mehmet Özhaseki said, "We will renew 500 thousand residences in year. The rest of this will be 200-300 thousand in Anatolia. So we'll renew 40% of building stock. If person wants to strengn or change his or her building, he will not give municipality a mortar-license or anything. And when city enters this job, we'll give money with water. We will continue to give money, "he said. Özhaseki said that social facilities are being sold, and that proceeds obtained from re will be credited to this project.


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