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' Castle Rock ', the series based on the universe of Stephen King, will arrive at Movistar in autumn

Characters and themes from the horror Writer's books form the plot of this fiction

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' Castle Rock ', the series based on the universe of Stephen King, will arrive at Movistar   in autumn

The Fever unleashed in Hollywood by author Stephen King Following success of horror film It continues now with release of series Castle Rock, based on literary universe of writer but posing a completely new story. In United States Hulu has already released it. In Spain will arrive next autumn in Movistar , as confirmed today.

It marked a milestone with its U.S. premiere with 123.1 million dollars (about 105 million euros)- best debut ever seen for a horror tape, and ended up raising more than 700 million dollars worldwide (about 600 million euros , just behind The Exorcist). That unleashed a wave of projects related to work of King, including second part of It, currently in filming; A new version of Tommyknockers, directed by James Wan; Dream Doctor, "continuation of a whole classic like glow, and anor animal cemetery update.

In television field, plans have also been announced to adapt Dark Tower and Apocalypse ( Stand), but most striking dish is Castle Rock, a series produced by Bad Robot, company founded by J.J. Abrams. It is not first time that Abrams oversees a project related to King, as he previously did with 11.22.63, a miniseries starring James Franco on time travel of a professor to try to avoid assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

Enlarge photo poster of ' Castle Rock '.

Castle Rock, ten episodes, launches references to King even from choice of his cast, led by Sissy Spacek (Carrie) or Bill Skarsgard (It). "There is a tendency to make King products because Hollywood knows it is a brand that works and has been successful before, but in our case, green light to embark on this project was given before success of it," Rafael Garcia told EFE , a member of series Assembly team.

Castle Rock is name of fictitious people located in state of Maine (where King was born) where many of stories of writer run. And how not, in this proposal, as it happens in literary work of its author, seemingly inexplicable situations happen that do not conform to laws of nature. "I think series will engage spectator because we bet on a universe that brings toger many classic King ingredients, implies a great mystery and generates several questions. The fans will be able to quickly capture references to works like It, Carrie, glow, Cujo or count on me, among ors, "Garcia explained. "There are obvious winks and moments that screenwriters have used in ir favor. It is something that gives a lot of play and that causes spectator to have ir own conjectures and ories, "he said.

The series, which entwines characters and scenarios of writer's novels, has a cast where also appear André Holland, Melanie Lynskey, Jane Levy, Scott Glenn or Terry O'Quinn, Lost Series (lost), work cocreated by Abrams himself with which Castle Rock keeps similarities.

The intention of creators of series, beyond first season, is to devise a new story if chain decides to give a green light to more episodes, in style of what Fargo series does with universe created by Coen brors. "What we would like is to investigate Castle Rock with a different lens every time. Each story will be unique, "said Sam Show, Cocreator of series, during presentation of series in San Diego

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