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' Country Noir ', the murderer is in the field

The urban genre par excellence opens to new spaces, as is clear in the Quais du Polar de Lyon, the European Summit of the Black novel

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' Country Noir ', the murderer is in the field

The black novel, urban genre par excellence, is passed to green. The impulse of neorural and fashion of literature on nature put on front page a subgenus which is now living its true golden age. A wave of translations and novelties bring trend from United States and France to Spanish market, and this is told by authors and publishers present at 14th quais du Polar de Lyon to look for causes of success.

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"Writing about rural areas is not so much an act of resistance as of testimony of a vanishing world. It is about giving floor to those who no longer have it, says Frank Bouysse, winner of SNCF in 2017 with his noir rural Grossir le ciel, in crowded lobby of palace of bourse, seat of festival. "I have lived all my childhood in countryside and I also have a great influence from American literature of great spaces, from William Faulkner to Cormac McCarthy," he adds with a timid gesture. "In France re is an enormous tradition that must be honored and, in addition, this rural atmosphere is a great material for criminal fiction," rekills its editor, Pierre Fourniaud, who directs from his small publishing house a collection dedicated to this subgenre.

The true creator of term Country noir is Daniel Woodrell, who used it in 1996 to describe his novel The Bones of Winter (Alba), but n forbade his editors to use it. But America has a long tradition that goes from some texts by Faulkner or Louisa May Alcott to James Crumley or Jim Thompson – classic 1,280 souls is, in essence, a country noir and thus sold on shelves of Lyon in its new French reissue – and current values Like James Lee Burke or Craig Johnson, with whom he talks about country on Quais du Polar. "There are two factors explaining success of country noir. First we have romantic view of western epic. The Western is nothing more than a moral act set in motion in a scenario that magnifies character traits. Then re is landscape, a space of vast distances that feeds our imagination ", resumes headdress with his cowboy hat and his voice thunderous creator of Sheriff Walt Longmire (published in Siruela).

Writing about rural areas is not so much an act of resistance as of testimony of a world that disappears

Frank Bouysse

Watson used to warn Holmes of wickedness y could find in field, far from murky alleys of London. But it's good to be careful. As account Sergio del Molino in empty Spain, urban vision on rural areas is fraught with morbidity, prejudices and idealisms. Colin Niel, winner of one of festival awards in 2017 with only Beasts (published in Spain by Principal Noir), clarifies: "No, I do not think that is falling into morbid when you look at rural from city. I am a banlieu boy, I spent my youth in large buildings, away from experience of nature, but my portrait of rural is far from morbid. In only beasts, in fact, starting point is not rural or urban, but loneliness, isolation not only physical, but also mental and spiritual and that is something that is not exclusive of people of field. "

The Gamberra gaze of Joe R. Landsdale, feminine power of Tawni O'Dell, or portrait of Bill Panovich's US white trash have arrived in Spain from hand of Siruela. "At this time when neorural is in world, and in publishing sector also, a clear trend, country noir works in some way as a dark reverse of that return to field, as a negative version without concessions, free of idealisms. A stark look that not opposite denies or ", tells from Madrid its editor Julio Guerrero.

No, I do not think that is falling into morbid when you look at rural from city

Colin Niel

The success of Jane Harper in Australia with its stifling western years of drought (Black Salamander) or that of Antonio Manzini in Italy give an idea of overall extension of this trend. In Spain re has always been a literary look at rural, but genre in its black side now lives a slow awakening. At beginning of year page jump published Why of color red, of Francisco Bescós, and ADN bets for May by Cain, debut of Henry Llamas, a dark thriller located in a village divided by hatred in Spain of seventies. "The rural is still re, much more evolved than in Times that are portrayed in Cain, and it is a scenario in which passions, revenges and atavistic instincts perhaps can be found in a more pure state than in city, more and more domesticated or ensimi Smada because of social networks. What better scenario for a drama or a thriller? "says his editor Fernando Paz.

Booksellers, authors and experts present in Lyon believe that part of success of rural in France has to do with a look that moves away from regionalisms and folklore. In Spain, a vast world is waiting to be counted.

"The Mafia, racism and inequality are also in rural areas, but it is more fun" The Italian writer Antoni Manzini. Gianni Cipriano

The Quais du Polar 2018 is dedicated to Italy. Antonio Manzini is most sold author re thanks to stories of extravagant and adorable Rocco Schiavone. In May, fifth 7-7-2001 (published by Black Salamandra as previous ones) arrives in Spain and attends country with him between a signature of copies and a round table. "The Aosta Valley is a dark place, not cosy, it is surrounded by high mountains and rock is black. I put Rocco in that environment to talk about Italy, how nothing works, failure of politics. In field re are same rules. The mafia, racism and inequality are also rural, but it's more fun. If even Norrn League was born re! ", count while you have a beer. "Besides, I didn't want to talk about Rome, it's getting very boring. There's already a lot of writing about city. "


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