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Critical 72 hours

The water was removed from the intensive care due to the removal of the clot in the cerebral artery (79), yesterday was operated for the third time due to edema. Doctors, 72 hours per...

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Critical 72 hours
Critical 72 hours Safure Cantürk Life News Date of entry: 18.10.2017 due to a clot in cerebral artery, sea was removed from intensive care (79), yesterday he underwent surgery for third time due to edema. His doctors decided that 72-hour process was critical, and visitor's ban was brought to former chairman of CHP and Antalya Deputy Naval Baykal (79) After returning from France, he was hospitalized on Monday morning with a high fever complaint. A blood clot was detected in reanimation section of Ankara University Ibn Sina Hospital in a vein leading to treatment of Baykal's middle brain. With a very quick intervention, an angiogram was inserted into region of clot. After operation, Baykal, who was conscious of visiting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu and met with his family. In left arm and leg of power loss, Baykal's 12-hour brain CT was taken and situation was closely monitored. However, yesterday morning, brain was detected to increase rate of edema and was taken to surgery for second time, edema was cleared. The rector of Ankara University, who made a statement about health status of Baykal, said that first 48 and 72 hours of process were critical, Baykal was sedated. During evening, Sea Baykal was operated for third time due to pressure in his brain. ' We are living negative ' After third surgery, Prof. I, who gave information about situation of Baykal in evening, drew a negative picture, contrary to his previous remarks. "I am currently undergoing intensive treatment in intensive care. We have respiratory support, brain support. He sleeps with his consciousness closed, "he said. The previously worn stent indicates that it works, "he is watching at highest level of bleeding and edema in his brain, and Baykal has a vital risk. He suffered severe cerebral hemorrhage, serious condition." "We have always protected our hopes of seeing much better results, but in table that is in bride, of course we are still protecting our hopes, but we share some negativity with you," he said. CHP leader Kilicdaroglu, after third surgery again visited Baykal and received information about status of rector. Kilicdaroglu, hospital exit journalists said " physician's friends are making efforts from ir hands. All our prayers are with sea Bey, "he said. weakness in left arm and leg continues The rector of Sea Baykal, who answered allegations that re is weakness in arm and leg, "it is very difficult to assess now that it is already being put into sleep. But weakness goes on. This can be evaluated by waking up. The correct assessment can be done when patient wakes up, "he said. Minister of Health visited He visits Baykal's deputies, politicians, family, friends and many Seven. Health Minister Ahmet Demircan, who brought wounded from Somalia to Turkey, visited hospital in sea Baykal as soon as it came to Turkey. Demircould, who took information from his doctors, wished to heal his family. Parliament speaker Ismail Kahraman visited Baykal.


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