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Culture moves the affected to rethink the Union of the Real with the Zarzuela

José Guirao sits down with all the parties to assess the Royal Decree recently approved by the PP and proposes to suspend it for a while to renegotiate

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Culture moves the affected to rethink the Union of the Real with the Zarzuela

The union that was closed between Royal Theatre and Zarzuela is reopened. As he said in interview that country offered yesterday, José Guirao, new Minister of Culture, wants to re-think several aspects of same PRA reach it with maximum guarantees. Specifically, Guirao used a verb: "to appease". Perhaps because in his inauguration a demonstration was found at door. That of Zarzuela workers demanding to return to ir status within Ministry of Culture and not within framework of a foundation.

These were his words: "I will calm me of Royal Theatre and Zarzuela. I think we need to mature it more. " The question of wher decree was to be reversed stated: "If necessary, yes. I think he deserves a reflection. " And that has been precisely what has been transferred to unions yesterday.

For now you want to find out and receive all parties, something that will take place until Wednesday of next week. Just two months earlier, on April 20, government announced approval of rule. The atre dependent on National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), Ministry of Culture, went to platform that manages real and with new incorporation changed name: National Foundation of Royal Theatre and Teatro de la Zarzuela.

The unions, very happy with tone and immediate reception on part of Guirao. "It was a very cordial encounter," said Jesús Álvarez, of CC OO

Prior to approval, INAEM-dependent workers maintained stoppages and demonstrations for a month. The claim to maintain public ownership struck several fans and marked a start of spring tension. With change of government, mobilizations have returned. It seems that with immediate effect. On his second day of dispatch, Guirao received m and at exit y were very happy with tone and immediate reception. "It was a very cordial encounter," said Jesús Álvarez, of CC OO. This committee member said that he had been directly asked to annul royal decree and that he was faced with two possibilities. Eir what unions pose or suspend ir application for a period of time to re-negotiate.

On Monday, minister plans to meet Gregorio Marañón, union's promoter and president of Foundation, which was yesterday in favor of redirecting some aspects and negotiating for everyone to feel comfortable. Guirao will also listen to opinion of Montserrat Iglesias, director of Inaem, who will give you a precise report prepared in aftermath of conflict. From patronage, Marañón argues that nothing has been done but to return to starting point: "to initial idea with which Foundation was created in 1995, before inauguration of Real in 1997". The statutes included Union of both atres. But Zarzuela returned to ministry shortly after, with arrival of Aznar to power, by express wish of n Secretary of State for culture, Miguel Ángel Cortés.

The specific case of lyric conglomerate may serve for anor general. A new feasibility plan for INAEM. The management of its units suffers unbearable rigidities that stifle many opportunities of tours, hirings or audiovisual retransmissions. The conventions make atres, dance companies and National orchestra in swarms more bureaucratic than artistic. All directors of units clamor for more flexibility and a model of management as public as autonomous, with possibilities of sponsorships and or types of contracts.


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