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Dallas exhibits the paintings of Zurbarán that captured the pirates

A complete series of the painter, Jacob and his 12 sons , is exposed for the first time in the united States

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Dallas exhibits the paintings of Zurbarán that captured the pirates

A complete series of painter, Jacob and his 12 sons , is exposed for first time in united States

Francisco de Zurbarán (1598-1664) painted 13 paintings that comprise series Jacob and his twelve sons around 1640, in his workshop in seville. Of large dimensions, 1.98 per 1,02 metres, tells story of blessings that he teaches Jacob to each of his children from bed of death, and predicts fate of ir tribes. It is not known who was client that commissioned this series to artist from extremadura, although everything points to that destination was America. It is believed that on trip from Seville across Atlantic, ship that transported paintings was intercepted by pirates. Do not become to have news up to 1720, in London, when a jewish family makes sale 13 boxes. Richard Trevor, bishop of Durham acquired 12 frames ( budget won't reach for more) and install m in dining room of Auckland Castle, to north west of England, to transmit to world a message of understanding between jews and christians in United Kingdom. The series in full is basis of exhibition that from today, Saturday, and until 7th of January you can see Meadows Museum of Dallas, an art gallery is a private specializing in Spanish art, which receives annually about 60,000 visitors. The shows will be in Frick Collection in New York from 31 January and will return to its permanent home, Auckland, in may of 2018.

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The arrival of work of artist from extremadura to what is considered as a small museum of Prado in Texas has revolutionized eve of opening, a city famous for many things (cattle, oil, jeans), for being scene of assassination of president Kennedy, and because, during last years most famous architects are leaving ir stamp on spectacular buildings. In addition, Renzo Piano, I. M. Pei or Rem Koolhaas, valencian Santiago Calatrava, was yesterday in city to negotiate on a new work that is added to bridge already opened in 2012.

But, shows architectural aside, event of season is arrival of Zurbaran, with all legends possible around ir famous series. Mark A. Roglán, director of Meadows reminds you of Zurbarán only retains a complete series, in sacristy of Monastery of Guadalupe. There is saved in same location and surrounded by same furniture and accessories since it was painted. “The series that are discussed here in full (to 12 tables of Auckland Castle has managed to add loan of piece that was missing) you can see outside of England, thanks to restoration works that are doing in castle. In mid-nineties it showed in Meadow, but hardly will get out of your seat”. Roglán explains that meaning of religious dialogue that contains series gives it an added value especially to contemplation of Jacob and his 12 sons. “I have No doubt that archbishop bought paintings because he believed that world is not understood without judaism,” adds director of museum. "In dining room in which was placed, by passed by representatives of all powers of England, he emphasized his position by showing pictures. The message was clear.”

Roglán acknowledges that re are no certainties definitive that this series was commissioned by american-made Zurbarán. “I was working for America and for Europe. I want to believe that it is true that se paintings were traveling to Buenos Aires or Lima. If so, now would be producing a significant reunion with America".

Of hand of The Prado

Since its founding in April 1965, thanks to philanthropist texan infatuated with Prado Algur H. Meadows (1899 - 1978), museum has not stopped growing in works exhibited and in number of visitors. To more than 200 pieces of first-order donated by founder of General American Oil Company of Texas have been added to or expressed more in contemporary art. Its director, Mark A. Roglán, has achieved that-based exhibitions of pull (popular collections of Abelló and Koplovich, Ribera, Picasso or now Zurbarán) american public let mselves be seduced by Spanish art. “In Meadow we have our primary model and collaborator. We have collaborated with m in many exhibitions and y help us in every possible way. The relationship can't be better.”

The 13 paintings are displayed in a large room in which y wanted to reproduce original dining room of castle of Auckland, with same green walls and same provision. Next to paintings are exhibited also main conclusions of analysis that over a year has been made on this batch of paintings. The result achieved on basis of x-rays, X-rays, aid of infrared reflectography and examination under natural light and ultraviolet have been enabled to know with accuracy type of canvas used, clayey soil, seville, double layers used to prepare surface or multiple regrets and changes of idea that arose during execution of work. Claire Barry director of Conservation Kimbell Art Museum and coordinator of this research explained yesterday that during process it has been determined that Zurbarán participated actively in creation of works, instead of being limited to delegating its execution to his workshop, as did many or artists. “These works speak now even with greater clarity about your creativity and ingenuity as an artist, from manner in which he conveyed tactile qualities of clothing of figures up to expressiveness of character and pose of each character.”


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