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' Dark ', mystery without nostalgia

The first series of Netflix in Germany has among its references to David Lynch and South Korean terror

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' Dark ', mystery without nostalgia

In summer of 1986, Whole Europe shuddered. Chernobyl's nuclear catastrophe made sky look suspicious and reflect on nuclear energy. "I remember that summer was very intense," says German producer and screenwriter Jantje Friese. His mor would not let him go out to play in street if it rained, in case it was acid rain, and could not buy candy "because y were radioactive." Baran Bo Odar, his creative and personal partner, also grew up at that time of nuclear paranoia. "My far, in fact, worked in a plant," says director, producer and scriptwriter. Toger, remembering his childhood and adolescence, y created Dark, first series of Netflix produced in Germany, which is located "in a small German city without specifying" to which shade towers of a nuclear power plant. Its 10 chapters are already available on online platform.

"Dark goes over a town where children disappear in mysterious circumstances," says Friese. "and focuses on four families living re: grandparents, parents and teenage children." They are all related in some way to disappearances. And story works as a great puzzle, each episode is a piece of puzzle, gives new clues, until you discover that everything has to do with a kind of phenomenon that plays with time and space.

When this synopsis was known and first images were seen, coms did not take long to arrive. Stranger things? The OA? The main story is not in 1980s, but it does relate to that decade, in particular, with year 1986. Some of protagonists are a group of young people who are walking through forest when smallest disappears. While y are looking for him, body of a child appears, but it is anor. Who is it? And what is that world that appears in first chapter in which children are tortured with bright lights, loud music and images? "I think that both are series of mystery, it is fair to say that re are some connections," admits Friese, but sees no concrete, beyond genus to which it was subscribe. And y even celebrate compared. "If people who see stranger things, suggest to see Dark on platform, it's fine," he says. "Then we will be a success," Baran Bo Odar adds. Something that would be good because y have plot and questions and answers for more seasons.

They want to differentiate mselves also by defending a greater darkness in ir argument and aestics than series mentioned. Maybe it's "German rage," y say. Or that its influences are not so much in Goonies, but in American political cinema of Seventies ("All men of president, Taxi Driver") and in Korean horror films. "I would say that's my biggest influence on how y're able to mix genres, horror and comedy, as in The Host." Bong Joon Ho [his director] is a genius, says Bo Odar, whom Netflix contacted after success of his film who Am I.

They also cite David Lynch and Twin peaks as an inspiration. And for visual aspect of that world? On one hand, y created it mselves. "I always wanted to be a painter and think of images, colors, drawing comics," he says. And on or, y were fixed in work of photographer Gregory Crewdson, apparently conventional images with a strange element. As a scene of a family dining and a at door, laughs director. While in mysterious world of bright colors y admit "a tribute to Old Boy, Park Chan-wook".

They do not cite German references, but insist that series is "very German". "We shoot it and we create it in German, actors are German", defends Friese. "And not only do Americans do quality things," he sentences.

Change of Style

With more than 110 million subscribers worldwide and available in 190 countries, Netflix made decision long ago to bet on local productions in new Territories in which it expanded. The cable girls, for example, was result of that decision. So is Dark, first German series; Or first Italian production. But it is with Dark where more have opted for a change in usual style of television in ir country. Its creators believe that y are framed in a new trend of quality series with German origin that are beginning to travel internationally and in which y are accompanied by releases like Babylon Berlin (Movistar ) or Dogs of Berlin (on Netflix in 2018).

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