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David Boreanaz, 20 years chaining television successes

The actor of Buffy, Slayer, Angel and Bones stars now SEAL Team

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David Boreanaz, 20 years chaining television successes

SEAL Team, focused on elite soldiers of United States Navy and that Fox emits on Wednesdays (22.20), soon ensured its permanence throughout entire television season with 22 episodes focused on life and military operations of this group of FU Erzas of assault. The reason for ir success may be in war drums that resonate daily in Trump era. But real secret weapon is its protagonist, David Boreanaz (1969, Buffalo, new York).

After seven years in Buffy, Slayer, became part of popular culture and managed to keep in same character's skin anor five seasons with Angel. Since n he has continued tirelessly for anor 12 years giving life to special Agent Seeley Booth of Bones and already adds 20 consecutive years linking successes on television. There is no truce for this 48-year-old interpreter who now leads SEAL team team. "It's a very important series for me," he says, recalling military past of his far and or close relatives who went through Vietnam war or Korean one. "Because y're two series in one." We talk about hero but also how difficult it is for Jason and his companions to return to everyday life, "he explains to country about his character.

He initially said no. It had nothing to do with his role, created by screenwriter Benjamin Revell. "I was intrigued by his vocation, his empathy, his sense of duty with his country and incomprehension when integrating into society," he explains. Still, he said no. Accustomed to filming in Los Angeles, idea of getting ready for a production in Louisiana did not thrill him and role was initially for Jim Caviezel (Person of Interest). "But y had problems," he says without delving, and y called me again. "A week later I was dressed as a chore and shooting pilot in California."

In a hurry he skipped military training, but this ice hockey fan says he's in shape. "I arrive at 100 push-ups of 300 training," he brags. Boreanaz boasts of making a large part of his action scenes, although surprises have been continuous. During filming of pilot chapter followed recommendations of team of soldiers who are part of series and let his double jump into water for him. But once in sea, he saw how boat that had to rescue him passed long and while trying to keep guy for cameras, also began to ask for help sinking with whole team. "I don't think any SEAL will ask for help but I saw death pass by my side," he recalls.

Humor keeps its sanity in a series that does not want to be " military operation of Week", but a look at lives of se soldiers, "an emergency in army," he says. A series in which he feels weight not only of his relatives in army but of soldiers accompanying him, 41 veterans in total, some part of elite group that captured Bin Laden or who freed Captain Phillips. "Bones was a wonderful journey from which I am very proud but this is a new adventure, I hope to be up to par", admits excited. "On battlefield re is no margin of error but it is when y return home when y suffer consequences," he adds. Your biggest surprise? "The attachment of soldiers to dogs that work with m", concludes hugging Ditta, trained can with which it has been filming since beginning of series.

SEAL Team is not only War series that has started this season. Your arrival coincides with beginning of or episodiums such as Brave or Valor. The latter has Spanish Christina Ochoa in front of an elite corps of pilots in rescue mission. The series is more critical with system but equally violent that also war Brave (premiere in AXN on January 22), whose advertising claim ensures that "where re is no exit, y enter." Series reminiscent of Army ads on American television. Boreanaz does not hide support that SEAL Team has with both veterans and active military. But he doesn't want to be a political manifesto. "This is not a debate on right to carry weapons." Without character or conflict we would not have history. And without history we would not have a successful series, he summarizes.

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