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Deadpool is not afraid of Disney

Ryan Reynolds presents the sequel to his violent and brazen adult superhero before the Fox sale closes

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Deadpool is not afraid of Disney

"I'm always afraid to say something wrong and that between a Disney agent dressed in Mickey Mouse and start Shooting To kill me." Ryan Reynolds (Vancouver, 1976) Answers a question about future of Deadpool almost as his brazen character would do. No filters. Not knowing for sure if he's really joking. "Maybe Disney will buy Fox [brand that character belongs to] to kill him. I just want to let us continue making movies, "says actor more demure during presentation in Madrid of second adventure of his atypical superhero. Reynolds does not object to sale, but sees no reason to go through family filter proven formula of success: "I think at this point would be a challenge to do for all audiences. We can try: Let's do a Deadpool that can only say two shits and fuck and drink a glass of red wine. That in first scene and n promise never to do it anymore. Let's see how it turns out.

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If anyone understands secret behind this unexpected triumph is Reynolds, who, in addition to protagonist, is producer and co-screenwriter of sequel that opens this Friday. It was his insistence that drew project forward. After failing as Green Lantern and with a anónida version of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (to both dedicates corrosive jokes sequel), actor touched all doors of Fox to get ahead ultraviolent story of this mutant superhero without hair In language that hates X-patrol, who is aware of being in a movie and talking to spectator skipping fourth wall.

Thanks to his zeal and a camera test mysteriously filtered to Internet, Fox ended up giving up and gave green light. The film ended up as sixth most grossing of 2016 in U.S., multiplying by six its budget. "We did it almost without money and it turned out better. We can't be saving world or having a lot of explosions, so we focus on characters. Ors will try and not come out. We live in a world in which everything is copied until product has no personality. So in this we also had a fair budget. Many of stories were born in that filming. " They added enough money to incorporate characters into growing cast and some or surprising cameo, as well as launching a campaign of marketing hooligan where y have participated from David Beckham to Céline Dion. "For me we would not have launched a real trailer, but international market needed it," Reynolds explains.

This lack of pretensions and proven success has helped Deadpool to find his freedom again, although it is Reynolds himself who recognizes that y cut a joke about Disney for being "too much" even for him. "I'd like you to see everything we cut, but we would have been arrested." Although re are jokes at expense of Frozen, Winnie Pooh and, of course, Thanos, villain of Avengers: Infinity War to which it interprets Josh Brolin for house of mouse.

Josh Brolin as Cable in ' Deadpool 2 '. Fox

Just weeks after his last adventure, Brolin (Santa Monica, 1968), is again transformed here into one of most famous Marvel characters in vignettes, although this time it is not so clear if your Cable, a mutant of future thirsting for vengeance, is a hero or villain. "I have spent a lot of time in independent film, but performance is no different according to film. This work requires, in fact, more concentration, imagination and conviction. Playing Thanos was like going back to alternative ater in new York. With nothing to act on, reading Ray Bradbury and casting imagination. While in Deadpool I use a quick response muscle new to me I'm surrounded by comedians! " Age has also helped him make se decisions that give a turnaround to his career: "With 50 years is liberating and fun to be able to do so. I am in a moment where I do not need to know next step, what is goal of my career... I don't care. "

That prospect of life, after sounding failures, is one that also pushed Reynolds to embark on this adventure, and, although Deapdool is not always a good person, he understands it: "If Deadpool were perfect, it would not be so interesting and fun. I've never connected so much with a paper. I grew up turning everything that hurt me in jest. It was my survival mechanism, which made me strong. The more pain character has, funnier it is. " Something that actor has moved into his life and his social networks, where he has turned his relationship with Blake Lively and his paternity in an eternal joke heavy.

Your mood may not be fit for Disney, but Reynolds has served to reinvent your career next step? This is only known to manladies of Fox, Disney and Comcast (a conglomerate that could prevent union from thriving between first two). It can be Deadpool 3 unadulterated, X-Force team or a Wade Wilson for whole family. For now, have learned a lesson from house of mouse: "We wanted to do this sequel from perspective Pixar, and that each character arc had beginning and end." The comparison may be exaggerated, but y do not even dismiss Oscar: "Two words: Céline Dion," said his compatriot Reynolds. If you joke or not, only time will tell.

From comic to first film appearance of ' Deadpool '.

Massacre, as it is known Deadpool in comics in Spain, was born almost by chance in 1982. "Screenwriter Rob Liefeld told me he wanted a cross between Punisher and Spiderman for New Mutants 98, but only had concept, so it would have been very different from being presented on front page or in number 13. I used it to counterpose precisely to null sense of humor Cable, "explained artist and creator of character Fabian Nicieza in past Comic-con heroes of Madrid. The author, who collects a share for rights of his characters, says he loves adaptations, but also does not think y are fundamental in his daily work: "Let's face it, readers don't come from cinema to comic."

Nicieza, also creator of Domino and one that more history of Cable has written, came to bet already in 2004 by who would be ideal actor to interpret his fetish: "I look like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a dog Shar Pei", said massacre in vignettes. "Ryan wouldn't have a job without me. And he knows it, "joked author between a shrill and contagious laughter in which a resemblance more than clear with politically incorrect character that created. "As my far would say: is a hinchabolas is that used here?" asked author who imigró from Argentina to U.S. with only four years.


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