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' Deep State ': The last job of a veteran spy

Mark Strong stars in the first European series of Fox, a thriller recorded in Morocco

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' Deep State ': The last job of a veteran spy

Max talks on phone with his wife. You can tell she misses her. They are separated by many miles and more of a secret. It could be a normal conversation if it wasn't because he just mounted a sniper rifle seconds before and when he hung up phone he peeked at a window pointing at gun. Max is British actor Mark Strong (Kingsman) and window leads to a square in a neighborhood of Casablanca (Morocco). The conversation is part of plot of thriller Deep State, first production of European and African Division of Fox and chain premieres on Monday night (23.05).

The room where sequence runs is third floor of a real house, a small place with a cot, a cupboard and a small kitchen where only director, camera, sound and lighting technicians, special effects (produces a Shooting), journalists who attend filming and producer Hilary Bevan Jones (State of Play), which is responsible for giving reply to Strong during telephone conversation. And Casablanca, sunny and warm, represents some place in Lebanon.

During eight episodes of this fiction, Max, a former British ml6 spy, is forced to return to work ten years after his retirement to, among or things, save his family. Background, Western relations with Middle East. And in between, a few secrets. "Max is a spy for old, best. He's very good at his job, but he hasn't done it for a decade. What it brings now is perspective of an older man. Morality, ethics and violence, all face it from a more mature perspective, "says Strong during a break from filming in Morocco.

It is early June and streets of Casablanca are deserted according to what time for Ramadan. A date that does not prevent Moroccan production team from making most of effort. Strong has nothing but good words for workers and for country that has welcomed m. Apart from Beirut and Lebanon, Morocco will also represent some place in Pyrenees. And in London y filmed last summer sequences whose plot runs re and in Washington.

"Morocco is like an instant scenario and we're shooting a lot outdoors. That makes a difference. There's dust and it's hot, which is how it's supposed to be Beirut in history, " actor says. "People cannot be more attentive and efficient, and y do it during Ramadan, which is very talented. I don't get tired of saying it and I don't want to be patronizing, but all I can think about is how hungry y must be or how smokers should be craving a cigarette, because y can't even drink water or anything. "

After sequence of Max as a sniper, team prepares in square a chase with actress Karima McAdams and its double that includes cars and many extras moving. Everything goes to millimeter. Strong would love to shoot his own action scenes, but he knows it would be more of a hindrance to rest of team than anything else. "Today we have shot a chase down roofs. To be honest, I would love to make that sequence, but a slightly broken roof, a rusty nail or a slip is enough, and all of a sudden shooting plan is going down, "he says. "The filming is very tight in time, as it is always with TV, it is rolled very fast. And this is something I enjoy, I prefer to roll fast and make instant decisions that spend hours in a caravan waiting for it to mount all, "he tops Strong.

The series created by Matw Parkhill and Simon Maxwell, with ir spies and action, seems to be more in line of Homeland than in an action thriller 007. "Max is a dirty James Bond. Bond has all good phrases, gadgets and that look. Max is always filthy with dust, lives in an analogous world. " "This script was read well, I just wanted to know what was going to happen next, I loved that it moved from Beirut, Lebanon and to France and United Kingdom, and with different temporary spaces. And it's not a narrative for fools, it's complicated and you have to put up with it until end, " actor ends.

The Double Life

Mark Strong, who during a time was villain of half of Hollywood movies, has also been a spy on many occasions. "He goes for ages," he says. "Spies are interesting. It is a world full of trust, treason, violence, weapons, double game... The drama is inherent. There are many roles of spies because y are fertile ground for stories, "explains his motivation for this type of characters. "I've played a lot of spies, maybe because interesting thing is that y're complicated. Max is no different, he is a man who tries to live his life, get out of what he considers a flawed game, but has no choice, he has to commit to what ordinary people would consider crimes and solve a problem and return to his family. "

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