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Don Eloy, the retiree who turned his children into Baroque stars

In the midst of a crisis in Langreo, this man led the construction of a harpsichord and period instruments. Today, their children, are stars of ancient music worldwide

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Don Eloy, the retiree who turned his children into Baroque stars

When he retired, Don Eloy Zapico found himself with a lot of free time... and decided to use it for benefit of his countrymen. He retired in Langreo (Asturias) as an employee of Endesa before sixties and had three adolescent children. One night he went to an early music concert and was fascinated by key played by interpreter Pilar Tomás, accompanying voice of Marta Almajano and Gerardo Arriaga on plucked string. Intrigued by keyboard, he asked m: how much is one of se worth? The answer surpassed very large budget of association of parents of Students of conservatory in which he was an active member. There was No money but it was not arredró: "Then we will build it...".

Two of his three boys, twins Paul and Daniel, stood out as scorers on hockey team. Although y were also studying music with Aaron, eldest. What Don Eloy could not suspect was that decision to build a Baroque key in its population of 40,000 inhabitants would change ir lives forever.

Today, Zapico, are reference in ancient music in Spain and worldwide with form Antiqva, his group. "Our far was special. He died 15 years ago, he wasn't standing still. He got into everything to turn area into a crisis. When y decided to build key, y organized a course for 40 people and three of m ended up as lutieres. "

The conversion into Asturian basin had fallen on tiznados shoulders of mining and everything that indirectly lived on it. He played reinventing himself. Leaders like Eloy Zapico saved people's mentality very much. The silicosis of uncertainty. His story and that of his children seems a mixture of how beautiful it is to live! With welcome Mr Marshall. "Well looked at, that's right," says Aaron. He and his brors represented last week and Monday at Fundación Juan March de Madrid, piece Los elementos, by Antonio de Literes. A work premiered in 1705. They do so by leading Antiqva form and with scenic direction of Tomás Muñoz.

The history of Eloy Zapico and that of se lineage seems a mixture of how beautiful it is to live! With welcome Mr Marshall. "Well looked at, that's right," say his sons

Not only do y succeed in this area and stand out in programs of much of Europe and America. The committed work of far marked m and three are masters of reference in repertoire y interpret. Aaron taught at Oviedo Conservatory. Pablo and Daniel in Madrid and Zaragoza. They record for Winter Winter seal. Concert Zapico Vol 2 is about to appear, "Thus, in Tarantino's plan," y comment. It will be his seventh album with German stamp.

But y remain anchored to that feat of root that ir far began. The history of harpsichord in Langreo grew... "They built more than one and rented m to give recitals all over north. They were good. I touch m sometimes, "says Aaron, an expert on instrument. "Or than that y were bundled to make Theorbos, baroque guitars, lauds, prawn violas. And y created an ancient music festival with name of our far, "continues Paul.

The story also wrapped up in a fascinating paradox. Thanks to typical instruments of two and three centuries ago, y set up a kind of laboratory with computer programs: "To edit scores and things like that," says twin. From those times his ensemble also emerged. "They will be 20 years in a Antiqvua way. We started when Paul and Daniel were 15 and I was 18, "says Aaron. "They proposed to us to make some religious pieces and we said yes, of course. Then we put m profane repertoire, but what difference does it give? The case was to act. "

They are brors and well avenidos. Her mor, Margarita Braña, is delighted to see m succeed toger. The condition leaves no escape: "We are family, we have no or. Although I really believe that between two brors would have been more difficult than being three. Always one of us average, "Aaron says. "When we cast ourselves against him, twins are like Velociraptors," adds Paul. But as Daniel rehearses while y talk, re's no way to find out. It jumps in sight that form a pineapple. Baroque, if any.


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