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' Down there ', when the secondary take power

Antena 3 Series concludes the filming of its most choral season

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' Down there ', when the secondary take power

Since Carmen (María León) and Iñaki (Jon Plazaola) had this collision in Plaza de España in Seville in first chapter of series, ir love story has watered each chapter down re (Mondays at 22.40 in Antena 3). During three seasons, romantic relationship of couple has marked pulse of series, fed by adventures of Gang, The Troubles in clinic Hispalis and misunderstandings in general. Now, after its rupture, relationship between Sevillian and Basque has moved to background in favor of investigating lives of or characters. "The big bet of this fourth season has been to delve into universe of secondary, that ir lives were an incentive for spectators, that we know m more," explains one of its creators and actor Óscar Terol. In issue since beginning of April, filming of series ended last day 8 and touches 2.4 million of spectators per chapter.

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With 15 chapters, Terol explains that this season have "raised a bit degree of humor." "We are a white comedy, friendly, for whole family, but this year we wanted to go a little furr," says actor. "Everything is crazier, more fun, characters are taken to extreme," says actress Noemí Ruiz, who considers a success to have given more weight to secondary. "It is most choral season of all, each character has its little history, its troubles," adds Ruiz, who gives life to Trini, director of clinic Hispalis and now in front of competition. "Trini's life will give an important turn, a cool turn, it will surprise", he advances. "Being more coral is richer, many more things happen, what I don't know is where y want to take series," says León, who would like his character to become "crazier."

The commitment to secondary is entrenched with arrival of new characters like one played by Tamar Novas. "Yago is a Galician pediatrician who finds himself in a similar situation to Carmen. There will be an attraction between m and an obvious game from beginning, ' explains Novas. With this incorporation, series also opens its range in that game between North and south. "I like to explore topics, experiment with m and dismantle m and prove that, although we have peculiarities, we are not so different," says actor. This attempt to "give a little air" to series, in words of Terol, has also been evident when filming in Malaga. "We wanted to show spectators or landscapes," says creator. During Easter, it was recorded both in capital of Costa del Sol and in Benalmádena.

With Palace of Monsalves of Seville as strong, actors coincide in recognising mselves as one big family. "A gypsy family," adds Plazaola. "We have made a pineapple, re is no day when we finish rolling do not go to bar opposite to take a few rods," says Gorka Aguinagalde, who plays Koldo. "You want no, good roll that transmits series is also due to this," says León. "Beyond professional relationship, re is a love, many of us are from outside and we have made a family," says Terol.

But even though secondary ones have seized power, story of Carmen and Iñaki will continue to cooking. "People want to know how y're going to end. It is going to play whole season with that tension between both, as in all romantic comedy They will separate everything that can be, "says Plazaola. "I would like Carmen and Iñaki to continue to keep that infatuation between two, but not solved, to continue suffering a little more and to show us that for pure and perfect love must work. Already if that for eighth season to return, "says Terol, who points out that y have thought of a" brilliant "end wher it is season and series. "It makes sense for both cases," creator points out.

"To follow is a miracle"

The team down re recognizes that going for a fourth season is "a miracle." "On television you know you can go next day. I have been 25 years and, before this series, time that had been on antenna had been two years, "says Óscar Terol. On average, new chapters gar every Monday at 2.4 million of spectators. Although, since its release on April 2, se weeks has left a million followers along way.  "We premiered in a time when series lasted very little, which even cancelled before end of season, but also when y started to do very powerful projects," says Noemí Ruiz. "The shadow of eight Basque surnames was elongated and re was fear of how people would accept series. A priori could seem like something, but it has been seen that it was not, "recognizes Jon Plazaola. "The audience has embraced us with heart," adds Maria León.


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