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Draw at the university : "I have been dehumanised by a computer "

Manon, who won a graduate in June, has not obtained a place in the faculty of psychology, a sector in high demand, which assigns seats by drawing lots.

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Draw at the university :

Manon, who has landed a graduate in June, has not obtained a place in faculty of psychology, a sector in high demand, which assigns seats by drawing lots.

When it comes to graduation year, many high school students who are looking for ir way. They roam halls for students, roam open days of schools, ask ir teachers, to see ir family. Manon, no. In terminal L, a high school student of 18 years has no doubt : his path will lead her to profession of psychologist. "My project is to dedicate my life to ors, to help those who have mental health problems, who are confined in hospitals, to understand m," she said.

Has time to register his wishes on platform Admission post-bac (APB) in march, young Parisian is seeking a place in all faculties of psychology of Paris and its region, in a vow as a bundle, supposed to maximize chances of obtaining a place in sectors requested. But not for her. "I have not been drawn. "However, it is accepted in history at Sorbonne, a vow made by default, to fulfill an obligation to at least make a vow in a chain non-selective. His choice of career is n short-circuited before it has even begun.

" We're waiting on a site. No news. No "

" I was dehumanised by a computer, dénonce-t-it. I do not ask a great school, not a school prestigious, just a small place in a university public. A small place that would have allowed me to finally make me a small place in this big world. In world of work. "

The president of france, Emmanuel Macron, has recalled promise of his government to terminate sweepstakes, during next school year, in an interview with Point on August 30. Too late for Manon and thousands of students in same situation. "Mr. president, we are waiting on a site. No news. No ", speaks to young woman in a letter addressed to World.

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The first few weeks of summer, " I was trying to tell me that situation was going to unlock, a space becomes available. "Each day of July, and n August, néobachelière connects to platform in hope of an update of bids submitted. But his status remains " pending ", uncertain, without more ".

" automatic Messages "

" I was really hurt, " said girl. But it does not resolve to 'give up'. Navigo pass in hand, she travels region and knocks on all doors of parisian universities. Yet in vain : "The secretariats we slamming doors in nose. The administrations are not coordinated. They send automatic messages telling us that only means of access to a university is through APB. While APB is not up to date and that seats remain. But authorities refer to this failed system ", plague-t-it.

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However, his door-to-door allows him to win a registration. On 12 September, Manon gets a place at university of Paris-Diderot (Paris-VII), bachelor of letters and human sciences. This is not his way nor his choice. "I keep just my status as a student ", she notes.

The additional procedure, PDB will continue to distill last tickets available until 30 September. Manon still hope. It has also been postulated to Paris-VIII, but to follow a course of psychology... from A distance. It has been fitted on a waiting list. In 1694e position.


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