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Education : Jean-Michel Blanquer lambasted " a stratosphere that creates false debates "

Guest Thursday, of the show "Questions info" LCP, the minister of national education trace its route, showing himself to be impervious to criticism.

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Education : Jean-Michel Blanquer lambasted

Guest Thursday of show "Questions info" LCP, minister of national education trace its route, showing himself to be impervious to criticism.

return Of west Indies, Thursday, September 14, Jean-Michel Blanquer has responded to those who, in France insubordinate to national Front, passing by Laurent Wauquiez, presidential candidate of Republicans, have put in question organization of relief of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, two islands affected by cyclone Irma. "Sometimes I have impression that main purpose of some is to roll back government rar than serve general interest," responded minister of national education, during program " Questions info ", on LCP, in partnership with The World, Franceinfo, and AFP, saying it was "proud" of mobilization on ground. "The parliamentary inquiry will come in time. Do we fear not, on contrary, we expect, " he said.

about Saint-Martin, minister spoke of " a society devastated by a war situation ". The twenty school buildings suffered " major damage "... The goal "ambitious" is that school is " return of holiday of all saints', with modular components that will complement existing buildings, " he said. In meantime, a host, " may be, sometimes at beginning, two or three hours per day ", will be provided.

" The general interest "became watchword of minister of national education to respond to its critics, who call it" reaction ". When asked if he considers himself a "man of left" or " right ", it begs, and replies : "I am haunted by question of education in service of general interest ", citing his experience in field : "I see what happens and if I move forward with this firmness, it is because I know at what point it corresponds to demands in field. "Blaming" a stratosphere that creates false debates ", it is said to be impermeable to criticism that emanate from it : "people come to you and say : "You are a reactionary, you're a scientist, you are a technocrat", it to me is completely equal, it is general interest, it is in interest of children. "

Ban cell phones in school

As Jean-Michel Blanquer defends it with force of his will to ban cell phones in college, as engaged in Emmanuel Macron during campaign. No sooner has he done this ad in The Express that PEEP, one of two main federations of parents of pupils, expressed its skepticism : "How do you do that ? The conditions are not met. "Interviewed during course of show, Jean-Michel Blanquer persists and signs :" This is an issue of civilization, it's part of subjects on which I appeal to a certain consensus in France because it is a question, I would almost say, public health. Studies quite robust show how screens can have an impact on brain of our children. It is producing generations of people who have concentration problems ", he argues.

Anor example of polemic : creation of a cell secularism in ministry of national education. A few hours after making this announcement, socialist Party has objected : re is already a mission secularism in general direction of teaching school since 2012. Response stinging Thursday of Jean-Michel Blanquer : "The rules are re, question is effectiveness. We see blows of some fundamentalists who seek to test Republic. In se moments, first of answers, it is unity of those who are in responsibility. No teacher should feel alone, no head of establishment, not more. "


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