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Esnaftan Gaspada Meydan Oil on camera

Robbers who robbed the money of a citizen in Istanbul Beyoğlu did not escape from the trades. One of the robbers who threw the bag full of money they robbed...

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Esnaftan Gaspada Meydan Oil on camera
Esnaftan Gaspada Meydan on camera Introduction Date: 18.10.2017 17:45 Istanbul Beyoğlu A V The robbers who hijacked assignment's money couldn't escape trades. The shopkeepers, who captured money y hijacked suitcase, threw one of robbers into street, throwing a challenge.

The event occurred in Beyoğlu Karakoy. According to information obtained, 60-year-old man, who paid 20,000 pounds from bank, put ir money in a bag and went out. As old man walked on road, three people who drove by car took bag and escaped. In vicinity of robbery, shopkeepers found police teams and chased escaped thieves. The thieves, who noticed running of tradeswomen, panicked and entered banks Street Győr Street in opposite direction. The robbers who went in opposite direction tried to escape on foot by leaving car in middle of street.

They threw money in air and fled

When fleeing thieves realized that y were running in ir trades, y panicked and threw up purse. When citizens gared money and handed over street to old man, one of thieves who threw money and escaped was caught by trades when he entered dead end. The thief who was brought to car was attempted lynching by citizens. On or hand, police teams, who came to scene on tip of report, took thief from hands of citizens to be questioned, while or escaped thieves began to capture work.

The moment of thieves ' escape and moving minutes on camera

The thieves ' escape moment and moving minutes were reflected in cameras for seconds. In footage, it seems that thieves parked car and started running. Running from back of fleeing thieves in citizens. After chase, it seems that shopkeepers have attempted to capture and lynch thieves.

"There was also material in car," said Hasan Köçer. There were 20 thousand lira checks. There was cash. The car came from alley, it sounded like it was on freeway. One of m tried to escape from car. He said citizens would have picked up and lynched him above. "

"I got caught Running"

I caught him running, saying, "One person was running up. I didn't see money you had, I just saw him running. He was yelling at perimeter. That's when I ran after him. The thief said, "I have a bror, I didn't steal anything down re." When he brought it, trades recognized him as thieves. He stole 20 thousand lira, "he said.


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