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Eurovision, the challenge almost impossible to mount live 26 video clips

It is the edition with more complicated scenographies, according to the producer of the spectacle

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Eurovision, the challenge almost impossible to mount live 26 video clips

Christer Bjorjman plays on a wall with yellow, orange, pink and green papers. Every time he moves a post-it position, his head sounds like his music. From night before, try to put order to anarchy of 26 finalist songs. No raffles, no leaving whim of fortune most important day of year. That day, for Swedish Bjorjman, it is today, night of Eurovision. He is one who has decided that Amaia and Alfred sing in second place.

The show starts off strong. It comes from a coffin, singer Ukrainian Melovin. He has a pea eye and anor like a marble, flames of fire approach him down stairs. Interesting.

"I have to guarantee best for show, everything must revolve according to its success," explains Swedish producer. "There can't be five ballads in a row, neir are two red scenery in a row." Bjorjman is making his bobbin lace in order of songs, but always comes a but. "You have to take into account many factors, colors of stage, rhythm of song, sex of ir singers, ir language, if y are soloists or a band...". After many cabals, Bjorjman has solved squaring of circle: Amaia and Alfred go after vampire, in second place.

An army of men in Black has assaulted scenarios; Four people clean floor, anor two remove artist, a dozen removes chaos of previous scenery and organizes following

The Spanish duo is not a problem for men of props, on contrary, is a break: lights and a couple of hand. Anor thing is Slovenian Lea Sirk, with techno music and accompanied by a group of dancers and games of lights.

The show is unique, especially for viewer. The Eurofans of each country-with strong Spanish presence-shake ir flags in Altice Arena of Lisbon, but see, what is said to see, do not see it well. It is a show for television, although audience can appreciate two modes of show: Stage and Magic box of TV through giant screens of auditorium. It's like a video clip of Madonna performed live 26 times with different artists. A unique challenge, re is no or equal on world television entertainment. It's No wonder Bjorjman starts losing hair. "With order of 26 melodies I have to create a kind of melody in crescendo of show."

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There are lights of a thousand colors, fireworks, flares, smoke, snow, human torches. Norway arrives, one of favourites and one of difficult moments of show. Alexander Rybak simulates that it plays instruments at same time that drawing of drums or a violin is printed on screen, or re is synchronization or it will be a botched. It comes out perfect. The interactivity between videos, graphics and singers has come to complicate even more such direct risks. "It is edition with more complicated proposals of all that I have lived," confesses Bjorjman.

Finish one and come next. In between is audience who enjoys show. In 45 seconds of video presentation of next song, an army of men in Black has assaulted scenarios; Four people clean floor, anor two remove artist, a dozen removes chaos of previous scenery and organizes next, y touch stairs; Finally anor man will bring following artists and put m in exact place of set. When camera returns to stage, viewer only sees peace and order; The public of Arena, who has lived bustle, breas calmly.

Soprano Elina Nechayeva has been raised in a kind of column, covered with a dress that occupies half a stage. Images are projected on him that only viewer can appreciate thanks to an overhead camera. The dress has brought tail, because no one in Estonia wanted to pay 65,000 euros that cost projectors.

The Eurofans applaud all alike, do not bitter least triumph of one country or anor. They go where Eurovision is held. Here re is a group of Australians with ir inflatable kangaroo, Israeli without kippah, much Finnish, and Spaniards, clear, of Medina of field, of Tarifa, of Barcelona. It's been her annual date. They do not understand what y say among mselves, but agree to proclaim ir mantra: "Eurovision is a way of life." For Bjorjman, too.

The Magician Christer Bjorjman.

Christer Bjorjman (1957, Sweden) has been a cook before friar. In 1992 he sang in Eurovision on behalf of his country- worst result since 1977-, but success he did not achieve with his records has succeeded in producing shows.

Bjorjman is magician behind scenes of festival, producer who directs and decides every detail of Eurovision. Bjorjman not only gave Eurovision a new air, it has also revitalized Melodifestivalen, Swedish contest to choose representative in Europe. Year after year, this festival mobilizes whole country; Its four semi-finals are held in four different cities and winners become immediately best-selling. Bjorjman's next goal is for Sweden to reach Ireland in number of victories. It's not going to be today.


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