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Evil speaks for itself

How can the perpetrators of the herd be given a voice when the victim, to preserve their intimacy, must shut up?

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Evil speaks for itself
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Although confessional genre seems to have gained ground to fiction in recent years, re is no doubt that novels, even more films, inoculated in us some topics that occasionally we loose out re very circumspect, as if it were ory s interesting that we bring time caressing. Lie. What we do is repeat story we've been told so many times. One of most interesting tales that adult literature has perpetrated, because of how difficult it is to dismantle, is that evil, in its multiple variants, is always machined by an intelligent, attractive mind. The victim, on or hand, from an intellectual point of view, is of little interest; Its existence is reduced to be excuse necessary for us, spectators or readers, to investigate mental process that provokes aggression. However, reality denies again and again this idea so juicy for black novel, suspense or celebrated genre of multiple assassin, because truth is that to attack anor human being is enough to have few scruples and a total lack of empathy.

Last days it was warned against possibility that some morning programs, specialized in recent years in a treatment of events that provoke alarm and uneasiness, especially in elderly, would have offered members of herd a Exclusive interview, i.e., provided with an economic remuneration. It wouldn't be surprising. In United States, an inspiring country of this kind of shows, O. J. Simpson had opportunity to explain himself to media significantly more than victim, his wife, who was dead. The extraordinary thing is that it is appealed in case that concerns not only freedom of press, but interest of journalistic order that would involve an in-depth interview with one of se five individuals.

The defiant question we are asked is: would we not have been interested in hearing an interview with Hitler, with Saddam Hussein, with Mussolini? Who would disdain to witness a human conversation with Josef Fritzl, Austrian who kidnapped his daughter for 24 years and gave birth to seven children? In my opinion, perpetrators of evil express mselves with rigorous accuracy through ir actions, in such a way that no one has any doubt as to what Hitler's plans were with Jews or ir territorial ambitions; Franco, dictator of Rosario and Mesa Camilla, whose verbal eloquence was null, had opportunity, instead, to make it clear what was his idea of Spain and who were real Spaniards; Josef Fritzl turned his daughter into a sex slave. On dictators and abusers it has been written neatly, and it does not seem that his words added anything to acts, even in those who abused his power spoke for endless hours, which is anor way to undermine freedom of ors.

The awkwardness with which justice is dealing with this issue entangles us in discussions that mislead true objective: to dignify and humanize treatment traditionally given to victims of sexual aggression. How can anyone ask that aggressors be given a voice when victim, to preserve ir intimacy, must shut up? This interruption of your stay in prison is only serving to embarullar even more a poisoned case. Every time I watch cameras following one of five in or out of police departments I wonder if this media attention does not enroca m even more in certainty of ir innocence and if y do not like this notoriety. For where justice has brought m back is to place of ir family ties, where y were educated in idea that a girl who walks alone at night under effects of alcohol is worthless, while five men, united by a fraternity pimping , exude an aggressive masculinity that has to be vented.

Our Constitution says that deprivation of liberty must lead to re-education and social reintegration. From what little I have seen of se types, because I disturb those images so gañanes thousand times repeated; From what I have listened to your lawyer and to people around you, I am clear that your minds do not have a minimal critical reflection on what y did. Even that characteristic clothing y share as if it were a uniform remains imperturbable. And yet, with open wounds of a victim we feel but do not see, Justice decides to return aggressors to ir homes to give a bath of affection, reaffirm in ir convictions or try to escape. Is it really interesting to hear what y say? Not now. Now y could only offend those who have already attacked. It would be interesting, why not, in a few years, already finished his sentence. We could see if anything broke inside m. If y got any benefit from ir prison stay or if, on contrary, prison only fueled resentment and idea that all women are whores, except mor and sister.


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