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' Fahrenheit 451 ': Returns the nightmare of a world without books

We took advantage of the premiere of the adaptation of HBO on the classic of Bradbury to cross the different versions

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' Fahrenheit 451 ': Returns the nightmare of a world without books

"We are not born equal so we become equal by fire and n we are happy." The chilling phrase is part of speech of Captain Beatty, chief of firefighters who burn books for common good in sinister and yet spectacular version of Fahrenheit 451 that HBO Spain premieres this Sunday.

The first question that arises when adapting a classic as revered as one written by Ray Bradbury in 1953 is wher this was necessary. More when re was already film that François Truffaut premiered in 1966 and some notable reference in comics. The answer is skilful director of this new version, Ramin Bahrani, when he says: "Two years ago I took a look at world around me and it seemed ideal time for a modern interpretation." Indeed, if Bradbury published his novel in full MacCartysmo and with intrusion of television and formats like Reader Digest, now we have a president of USA who has never read a book, social networks instead of screens on walls and Wikipedia and Google par To replace our memory.

Before entering cross references that book, films and Comic of Tim Hamilton (in Spain published by 451. jpeg) Have and that have fascinated fans of several generations, we give a few considerations on premiere of HBO.

Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire) is great from start as that Captain Beatty brutal and full of folds, more complex than film Truffaut, an increased character, a ruthless man with a disturbing background. Maybe overshadowed for this, I don't think Michael B. Jordan (Black Panr) is so well in his role as Montag, firefighter who doubts, key to story. Now, that y have chosen a black actor and that y have risked to erase his wife of history (when with his hysteria, his addiction to screens of walls of house and his stupidity accentuated by drugs was essential in or versions) is a risk and a aciert Or.

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  • Ray Bradbury dresses in mourning Mars

They also play in favor of this version se urban dystopian scenarios, rhythm, inclusion of social networks and television as essential elements — Montag is a star — and a total turn exerted thanks to a change in Clarisse McClellan, neighbor of Montag (with a very disparate destiny in cinema than in book), who shows this firefighter frustrated true path with that destructive phrase: Are you happy, Montag?

Without gutting anything, we will say that she brings a current and painful key in a conversation with protagonist when she tells her that, far from what is believed, after second civil War – war, always, of background – an algorithm was analyzing what people wanted and , Ay, it turns out that people do not want books. Does Cambridge Analytica ring a bell?

The Canadian Hope

All versions coincide in highlighting powerful and painful images like that of that woman who prefers to die burned to live without her books; In influencing phrases type "If you do not want unhappy people do not give m two versions of same issue"; In underscoring this idea of a state of mind — See something, say something — as typical of 1984 or witch-hunt (or in Truffaut version with that ridiculous mailbox destined for delation); To seek truth in those who memorize classics so that y are not lost and can not be burned. Oh! It is great that in this case hope is set – as in Handmaid's Tale – in Canada. What's going on in America?

Old Inmolándose in Truffaut film.

There is something missing in audiovisual accounts but not in book or in excellent adaptation of graphic novel made by Hamilton with Spanish translation of Julia Osuna: The super-fast cars that run over pedestrians and that go through roads to Inhuman velocities. And it is curious that it has been ignored because beginning of everything is a tale of Bradbury, pedestrian, which comes from a personal experience he had while walking with a friend.

Bradbury goes on to say that "all characters of Fahrenheit have ir moment of truth", something that in film of HBO becomes dogma thanks to a huge Shannon and a script that updates and deepens in miseries that it discovers and doubts that awakes this classical Or author of Martian Chronicles. In comic firefighters are hardly necessary because people have stopped reading on ir own. In HBO movie, Beatty tells Montag: "Your grandchildren won't even understand what a book is." After this immersion in nightmare described by Bradbury, sometimes I go on subway and I feel shivers.


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