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' Fear the Walking Dead ': The Good, the Ugly and the zombie

Fear the Walking Dead reinvents itself with a cross with the mother story and a plot suitable for new spectators

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' Fear the Walking Dead ': The Good, the Ugly and the zombie

The True cross between two most famous series of zombies was out with hands full of fat and in front of a rib. It was actor Colman Domingo who broke bread. After four years in Fear Walking Dead, this British-grown London ater has become official animator of this apocalyptic family out of filming. This time he would welcome a new cast: "We are a kind of itinerant ater. To City by season. In West End I found out that best way to get along was to share talks in a pub. We did it in Vancouver, Los Angeles and in Mexico I took m to margaritas, but after a month in Austin with a new team, that tie was missing. The contact is shown on screen. " That November night began to really set new stage. Nothing more Texan than barbecue.

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It was appropriate. Everything in this revival sounds like Texas. The fourth season of series (Monday, 23.20, AMC) jumps ahead in time to make it fit for new spectators and also conquer Walking Dead fans with arrival of Lennie James, whose Morgan was eight years in series mor. By way, it takes advantage of change of distribution, location and screenwriters to relaunch also in aestic. The earth y tread influences even how to place camera.

It all starts with a long plane and a lone ranger with a black cowboy hat and pistol. The actor who recites monologue is Garret Dillahunt, face of modern western. Aestics is meticulously inherited from genre. The actor compares this dirty and postapocalyptic Texas with road of Cormac McCarthy, in whose adaptation it participated. But Austin, capital of Texas where country has been invited by AMC, is a hipster oasis, musical and Cosmopolitan, far from iconic cinematographic image of state, so to find that personality team has been thrown into field to record on ranch Briarpatch, a luxurious complex 35 miles surrounded by cows and a lake shaped like map of United States. In ir huge halls, which came to shelter a fast-food franchise, y could almost have lived Ewings of Dallas. Luxury collides with end of world of outside. "My favorite genres are Western and science fiction. Based on your aestics you can tell any story. Fear mixes both, "explains actor shoes with hat as we saw in No country for old, assassination of Jeese James and Deadwood, where he met Kim Dickens, leader of this cast. He likes Walking Dead so much that he was trying to join growing universe for years. Dillahunt reveals that he was even about to become Negan, dictatorial villain who gives life to Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


Little has to do with his character. Today is a good-natured gunman who is tied to anor of new characters, one played by Maggie Grace (lost), and with traveler Morgan, arrived from Atlanta: "If a while ago I would have said that it would spend more than eight years with same character , he would have shot me, "acknowledges Lennie James, a atrical servant and a short British series.

Scott Gimpe, who has gone from screenwriter of Walking Dead to creative mind behind universe, was one who convinced him: "Scott is now Yoda. One day he invited me to his house and I thought he was going to tell me that my character died. He was already dead in comic book, so he was ready. Yet I raised a stranger plan. We were told that series would never cross. I asked myself many questions could you continue? I didn't know if it was good for me or for character, whom I sobreprotejo. I went home and talked to my wife. I liked that in this series I could explore what we would like without a comic. Now it's all him, he's not Rick's friend or character you find. It took me six days to change Atlanta for Austin. " Then came Tejanas ribs and deal was closed.

Revive or Die

The change of scenery and characters works revulsive for a franchise that has lost much of audience and critical applause. Despite being still one of successes of cable, Walking Dead has reduced its spectators in half.

Fear Walking Dead has maintained its narrative pulse better, with political and social messages in various landscapes, although audience reached in its last chapters minimal historical. Like zombies, y needed to resurrect without dying. So came change of screenwriters ( creator left after third year) and focus. By temporary jump, Fear is no longer prequel and traveling family strengned by apocalypse is in an original and unusual position. "Desconfiábamos But in end we only had to rebuild and fill gaps," says Domingo, who is prepared to take his cheat survivor also to Rick's group, and even international waters: "I would like to know how zombies live in Japan or Russia" .

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