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Female hairdresser Armed assault

Mehmet Akar, who runs a female hairdresser in ECE, was shot in the leg by a masked person. The assailant was removed from the scene while the flows fled...

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Female hairdresser Armed assault
Female hairdresser armed assault date of entry: 13.10.2017 08:03 update Date: 13.10.2017 08:04 Mehmet Akar, who runs a female hairdresser in ECE, was shot in leg by a masked person. The assailant was treated at hospital where flows were removed while fleeing scene.

The event occurred during 21.45 hours of Paradise neighborhood. Allegedly, a masked person came to female hairdresser and asked for shop owner Mehmet Akar (31). After business owner Akar's self-introduction, face masked person began to argue with unknown reason yet. After debate's growth, masked person took out his gun and fired two shots into Akar. The assailant escaped from scene as he was injured from leg of mites. He told police teams that surrounding citizens heard voices. It was treated in a private hospital in ECE by citizens of flows. Akar's condition was learned to be good.

"The woman working inside was screaming" Police teams from crime scene received information from citizens who saw incident while receiving statement of employees in shop. CSU conducted evidence research at store and perimeter. On or hand, police teams have been investigating perimeter surveillance cameras to capture assailant. Eyewitness witnesses of incident, "I heard gunshots when re were customers in my shop. Then I went outside, and when I ran towards hairdresser, woman who worked inside was screaming. They were taken to hospital with help of surrounding trades, "he said. The police have launched a large-scale study of incident.


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