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Five series You can't miss in December

A review of some of the indispensable titles between this month's international fiction

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Five series You can't miss in December


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Things have changed a lot for protagonists of Vikings. Already in its fifth season, series created by Michael Hirst (The Tudors) has lived in its plots wars, betrayals, alliances, conquests, voyages ... and deaths, like one that shook last delivery. Now protagonists of series must seek relief for Viking throne, a responsibility that is not easy to assume and that could be a civil war. For new round of chapters (20 in total that will be emitted in two halves) distribution of series adds to actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, which gives life to a warrior bishop.

Why can't you miss it? Although it may not make noise of or series, it is one of those fictions in which both critics and audiences agree on ir quality. For those who have come this far, it is obvious why y should follow: we will have to see how thing continues. For rest, this can be a good excuse to delve into world of se Vikings who mix historical reality and legends.

where and when to see it? The fifth season starts on Wednesday 6 December (22.30) with double episode of premiere in TNT.

-The Crown

It was one of revelation series of 2016, and even was crowned as best drama and Best Actress in Golden Globes. The second season of this fiction that follows life of Queen Elizabeth II of England begins with soldiers of armed forces of His Majesty waging War of Sinai in Egypt (1956) to enter in Sixties and to end with fall of its third first minist Ro, Harold Macmillan (1963). Personally, relationship between Isabel and Felipe will suffer ups and downs (lower than high). Claire Foy and Matt Smith are again protagonists of this series, which will change ir main players for third season, where Olivia Colman will take relay as Queen Elizabeth II.

Why can't you miss it? It is one of most luxurious and lavish productions of moment. It's one of most expensive series in history, and it shows. In addition to interest of delving into personal affairs of British Monarchy, Crown manages to explain in a very didactic and entertaining event of recent history as few series achieve it. In addition to two protagonists of recognized solvency, this season has incentive to add Michael c. Hall (Dexter, two meters underground) giving life to John F. Kennedy.

where and when to see it? Netflix debuts 10 chapters of its second season on December 8th.

-Manhunt: Unabomber

Between 1978 and 1995, Theodore Kaczynski sent 16 bombs to different targets, including universities and airlines. It ended life of three people and wounded anor 23. FBI Agent Jim Fitzgerald, an expert in Criminalísticos profiles, will have to help reveal identity of Unabomber, nickname with which he was known. A manifesto written by terrorist will be key to delving into his disturbed mind from language and expressions he uses. Actor Sam Worthington (Avatar) gives life to FBI agent and Paul Bettany (a Wonderful Mind), to Kaczynski.

Why can't you miss it? Narrated in two times, that of persecution of terrorist and that of subsequent questioning years after having given with him, series manages to engage spectator with a plot based on real facts that maintains tension. The two main actors, especially Bettany, resolve with note complicated task in ir first foray as protagonists on television.

where and when to see it? Although it is produced by Discovery Channel, in Spain it will be Netflix who releases its eight chapters on December 12.

-Something to believe in

Johannes (Lars Mikkelsen) is a pastor of Church of Denmark belonging to a long tradition of religious with more than 250 years of history. Despite having an overwhelming personality, his tortured soul sometimes plunges him into deep depressions, moments in which he moves away from his family and abandons himself to drink and women. Despite everything, it is an absolute moral reference for your family. His wife is his main supporter and has defended him for years, until Johannes crosses red line. The eldest son of both is great disappointment of his far. Called to be his successor, he abandoned his ology studies and sought his own way. The young, devoted and most akin son to his far, follows family tradition and enlists in army as a military chaplain.

Why can't you miss it? Most of all, because of signature behind it. Something to believe in is new series by Adam Price, creator of acclaimed Borgen. Now he delves into Scandinavian magic realism, as described by genre in which this Danish series is framed that delves into faith and family, in good and evil.

where and when to see it? Movistar Series debuts on Wednesday 13 December (21.30).

Trailer of ' Something to believe ' in original Danish version with English subtitles.

-Black Mirror

Every new episode of Black Mirror becomes an event. This series anthological is composed of independent episodes among mselves but united by mes that have in center often perverse use of technology. Dystopias for most part terrifying that invite to reflect on current society. The new chapters face different genres, from retro science fiction to romantic comedy through Nordic Noir.

Why can't you miss it? Charlie Brooker, creator of series, is kept in front of script of fourth season, which ensures that his particular point of view and style will continue to present, with characteristic final twists in each story. In addition, directors like Jodie Foster, Toby Haynes, John Hillcoat or David Slade are in charge of new deliveries, adding each one ir distinctive touch.

where and when to see it? We know where: on Netflix. But it has not yet been confirmed when. The platform has not yet announced release date, although it is known to be this December.

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