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Found some handwritten letters from Santa Teresa to his ' other ' love

The Civil Guard finds part of a correspondence of the mystic with the Friar Jerónimo Gracián in the frame of a recovery operation of 19 other works of art

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Found some handwritten letters from Santa Teresa to his ' other ' love

St. Teresa of Jesus had anor love, apart from God. One more carnal and less confessable: Jerónimo Gracián. He is directed by one of two handwritten and unpublished letters found in framework of a Civil guard operation, along with 19 works of art. Santa Teresa was already about 60 years old, but that did not prevent her from being passionate about that young and committed friar, willing to accompany her in renovation of a church of past, by depravity that in those years (1578), with some drinking and Johns friars and Corrupted nuns; The ecclesiastical field was immersed in arduous struggles of power between two groups of Carmelites, footwear and barefoot.

"For my far master Fray Jerónimo Gracián of mor of God, in his hand...", missive begins. Teresa de Jesús and Gracián had to endure gossip that ir relationship provoked in ir religious community. Especially Gracián, who ended up fleeing from his own brors, Barefoot Carmelites, who managed to expel him from Spain. "He was persecuted for following ideas of a woman, was captured by Corsairs and ended up being welcomed by those who had been his adversaries: Carmelites shod," commented journalist and writer Fernando Delgado, who wrote a novel based on relationship between Both: his eyes on me.

"... In an awful grace we have fallen what responded to shoes for work y already put in Medina and how to persuade nuns to obey provincial of cloth, "he writes on August 19, 1578 from Avila. "There is Valdemoro for vicar, who did not obtain votes for Prior and déjole provincial by vicar to remedy that house; And he, since Marras, is very wrong with PRiORA Alberta. They're saying y have to serve m and a lot of things. The ors, scared to death of him. You've already secured m. "

There are many worries of saint at that time. Gracián is in Madrid, well stayed, but half hidden and without dare to appear before Nuncio Sega. Fray Juan de la Cruz has fled from prison. She ignores him and continues to be distressed by fate of that saint. The General of order, who with it maintains absolute mutism, has written to a nun of Incarnation a discouraging letter. The saint has to reassure Carmelites of Medina, terrified by arrival of Valdemoro, one of jailers of Fray Juan de la Cruz.

The two letters have been found after service for protection of nature of Civil guard in Valladolid, within framework of actions carried out for protection and safeguarding of historical and archaeological heritage, recovered 19 Works of art that were in illicit market. and five pieces that Archbishop of Valladolid gave in unknown whereabouts.

An antique dealer and an auction house

The owner of an antique dealer and administrator of an auction house have been principal investigators for alleged crimes of swindle, concealment and illicit sale of seven works of Art of historical patrimony.

The operation "dressing room" began last March when agents of week discovered a sale of a painting, carried out through an auction in Madrid that could correspond to one that possessed barefoot Carmelites of Convent of San José de Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid), for which Santa Teresa was so concerned, and which was included in catalogues "closings. The patrimony of convents of province of Valladolid ", as in" catalogue monumental of province of Valladolid ".

The agents requested collaboration of Management and Protection Service of Directorate General of Cultural Heritage, Territorial service of culture and Tourism of Junta de Castilla y León in Valladolid, Provincial Museum of Valladolid "Fabio Nelli", Diputación provincial de Valladolid and diocesan heritage delegation of Archdiocese of Valladolid for which re were numerous contacts, meetings and exchange of reports with aim of discovering alleged criminal offences or Administrative violations, and recover pieces.

Thus it could be verified that work auctioned belonged to a collection composed of a total of 174 pieces, of which 28 works were in whereabouts unknown since year 2005. And investigations led m to an antique dealer in Valladolid, where y would have arrived through an auction house in Madrid, which priced and analyzed work. In catalogue of auction, origin of work had been hidden and date of its creation had been changed. The canvas was located and recovered in Madrid and was voluntarily delivered by buyer in good faith.

The agents discovered, when inspecting establishment, that auctioned work had been hidden under anor name in police book. In addition, during inspections carried out, researchers apprehended seven works from collection, as well as seven or catalogued works.

The studies of information collected allowed m to locate also five pieces belonging to same collection, in institutional buildings of Salamanca, Toledo, Viana de Blinda and Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid). These works, which were given as "unknown whereabouts", are of lawful origin.

Finally, four or pieces of aforementioned collection were voluntarily delivered by nuns of Monastery of Heart of Jesus and Saint Joseph of Barefoot Carmelite nuns.

In addition, during investigation it was discovered that antique dealer had illicitly sold seven or works from collection to unknown persons.

From convent to museum

All se assets have status of assets belonging to Spanish historical heritage as well as cultural of Castilla y León, according to law 16/1985, of 25 June, of Spanish historical patrimony and law 12/2002, of 11 July, of cultural patrimony of Castilla y León.

The works of art recovered and voluntarily ceded by Carmelite nuns have been deposited in Museo San Francisco de Medina de Rioseco. In this museum you will find most of works of collection of which y are part. And it includes se two autograph and unpublished handwritten letters from St. Teresa of Jesus.

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