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Four brothers alone in a ditch

] The playwright Gon Ramos premieres ' The Family No ', an intimate journey to childhood and the fraternal relationship in a montage in which time stops and plans to abandon

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Four brothers alone in a ditch

A exciting trip to beach that ends in a ditch, with four brors abandoned in a car in front of an uncertain future. The time stops and infantile games appear, changes of characters, lost illusions. The family does not explore world of childhood and fraternal relationship in a montage written and directed by Gon Ramos, one of most innovative playwrights of atrical scene in Spain.

Following critical and public successes of his previous two functions, yogurt piano, recently scheduled at National Dramatic Center, and a body somewhere, which was represented at Teatro Pavón Kamikaze, Madrid, Gon Ramos (Madrid, 1989) seeks intimacy of Space to situate spectator in a frontal and very direct way in center of his reflections on fact of maturing and facing ideals that one leaves behind.

The family is not a text fruit of months and months of research with actors mselves of function — Jacinto Bobo, Fabia Castro, Emilio Gómez and Eva Llorach — written in layers, piece by piece, slowly and trying many things. "It is a work entrenched in fraternal relations rar than in a fable about childhood", explained yesterday author and director during presentation of show, which after his passage through Festival arises from Madrid opens today at Teatro Fernán Gómez , where it will be represented until next 8th of July.

The work, a production of company Kendosan, narrates situation of four brors, under 10 years, who are left alone in a car, when ir parents announce that y are going to approach a gas station to buy supplies. The parents do not come back and children seek in games, some more cruel than ors, and y stop in ideal life of each one of m and how that situation of abandonment is changing ir roles and ir personalities.

New relationships

"I wanted to put focus on what it means to be a bror since we were children and how those relationships are being built in time and investigating all fraternal possibilities," says Ramos, an only child with two half-brors with whom he maintains a relationship Very particular, between proximity and distance.

There is No approach to use of atrical characters in work. They are adult actors who make children and children who wonder and question about journey from childhood to maturity. The work, with a more associative structure than narrative, is a long questioning also about an unsafe and unknown future. Will y finally arrive at beach? Will y be able to play with dreamed inflatable castles? Will y see ir parents again? "The experience in this ditch is total abandonment and children occupy that time with games in an attempt to cover that agonizing wait. It's a terrible situation about how time works on a child's head. Their ages are transformed and modified, relationships change and frontier between fiction and reality is challenged, "adds Gon Ramos, who went to Buenos Aires (Argentina) to form as a playwright, after trying twice to enter RESAD (Royal School Superior of Dramatic Art). Since his return to Madrid, three years ago, his works have been a great success.


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