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Friday Hubesi: To become a paradise traveler

Religious affairs Presidency, prepared by the General Directorate of Religious Services published Friday Hubesi. This week's topic of the sermon was to be a paradise traveler.

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Friday Hubesi: To become a paradise traveler

This week's issue of sermon, prepared by presidency of religious affairs and will be read in all mosques before Friday prayers, was determined to be a "paradise traveler".

"Our Lord, who will take you to heaven, to save from hell, has taught us in Quran, which is our guide to life."

To become a paradise traveler

Blessed be your dear brors and sisters!

The Almighty Lord said to me that I read: "To forgiveness of your lord, breadth of heavens, and run to paradise that is prepared for takva owners."

The Prophet (S. A. s) also said, "What is most important consideration for entering heaven?", "Takva is a conscious and good moral responsibility towards Allah."


St. Mumins!

Our Lord Almighty has given us two lives that follow each or. The first is world life, which needs to be transformed into short life and gain. The second is eternal and immortal life of hereafter. World Life is a challenging and finite path that extends to hereafter. The life of Hereafter is a life in which we will reap addition of what we have done in field of world. In this life we are eir sadness or joy. Those who strive to succeed in world will be reunited with Allah's consent and eternal blessings of heaven. Those who lose this imtihan will be disappointed and frustrated in hereafter.

Friday Hubesi with sign Language: "Being a paradise Traveler" https:/tcov nh7lu5y56d

Ad — Religious (@diyanetbasin) 13 October 2017

My Precious Brors!

Our Lord has taught us path of Holy Quran, which will lead to heaven, to save from hell. The Prophet (S. A. s) also demonstrated this path by living in person. The end of this road is eternal salvation. The end of this road is a peace that will not end.

Let's look at characteristics of heavenly passenger in our sermon today.

A Ziz Müminler!

The path to Heaven is entered by implication. Because eternal salvation is implication. It is first condition of believing in existence and unity of God, believing in his prophets, his angels, his books, day of afterlife, accident and fate of God. The believer is a man who has surrendered to Allah. The believer is one who remained faithful to his faith until his last breath. He does not lose loyalty and surrender, even if he is subjected to such plagues.


Friday Hubesi: "Being a paradise Traveler" https:/tcov/DT5UTGWLCQ

— Religious (@diyanetbasin) 13 October 2017


The condition of advancing on path to Heaven is worship, righteous deeds. The prayer of violation, fasting, Hajj, zakat, sacrifice, worship of all beautiful work done by consent of Allah, is a prayer. The worship of our parents, our spouse--our child, our neighbor and our relatives, is to be in favor of every living creature. To make life easier for each or, to share blessings and possibilities that we have with my bror is a prayer to help. The hand of not holding, eye of eyes, foot of walk, language of conversation is a prayer. It is a worship that strives to stay away from evil and be on path of kindness.


St. Mumins!

It is a good moral condition that you can glorify path to heaven. To our Lord, to ourselves, to sincerity of our environment. Truth and direction is never to leave. The Ahde is not to dispose of faithful. It's not betraying relic. The believer, described as " man who is assured of his hand and language" by Mercy envoy (S. A. s), cannot harm anyone.

  • He cannot waste and squander his short life with words, attitudes and behaviors that will undermine dignity and honour of man Almighty Allah has created as a respected being. "Do what you do if you do not embarrass yourself."


I want to end sermon with this prayer:

"My God! We want words and deeds that bring heaven and us closer to heaven. We will shelter you from fires of hellfire and words and behaviors that bring us closer to him. " Oh, my God! To our homeland, to our nation; Don't give us opportunity to be in our unity! Yâ Rabbi! Treat our cherished martyrs with mercy to sacrifice ir lives for our values! Please be quick to heal our veterans! We are ones who sacrificed ir lives for ir lives and lived ir blood and lived almighty values!


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