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From ' X-Men ' to ' The Simpsons ', the brands Disney buys from Fox

The House of the mouse, with this business acquisition, makes its own franchises like Alien, Planet of the Apes and Avatar

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From ' X-Men ' to ' The Simpsons ', the brands Disney buys from Fox

Big fish eats anor big fish. So could be defined purchase with which Disney has made for 44.3 billion euros with 21st Century Fox, entertainment section that emphasizes film and television fiction area of company of Rupert Murdoch. An agreement to dominate m all and, incidentally, turn upside down majors ecosystem of Hollywood. After decades with a landscape with six large studios led by megacorporations — Big Six, as y are known in English — business could now become a five-game with a giant at head: Disney, which, thanks to its dominance over family blockbusters and Franchises, has been leading billboard for two years. But also Fox, which year after year is disputed third place, lags behind in power and history.

The movement on board is not, however, just a direct attack on classic model, but also an onslaught on Netflix. The company of Ted Randos is queen of modern streaming, but company Mickey Mouse does not want to stay behind and seeks to stay as only monarch of old system and, incidentally, give war on online platforms. The strategy reminds Walmart supermarkets against Amazon.

In absence of knowing response of economic and political world of purchasing, what we do know are consequences for most famous brands. Disney had already acquired Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars staggeringly. In m had based BOB Iger its commercial strategy. From this purchase land is even wider. These are franchises you can now use to your liking, and edges.

X-Men Universe

One of big questions about future of Giants is meeting of two big Marvel global franchises. Disney owns house of Ideas and each season its universe gives m some of most blockbuster films (this year, Guardians of Galaxy 2, Spiderman: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok surpass 800 million euros), but re are seals within Superheroic Universe still off Avengers ' radar. First was pact with Sony to use Spiderman, and now mutant universe that gives Fox so much joy also returns home. With Captain America's team two years away from closing ir plots and saying goodbye to ir protagonists after a decade of successes, will it be time to replace Wolverine with Iron Man? The Marvel big, Kevin Feige, who started as a producer of X-men, seems willing.

Fox has been characterized in his latest releases for taking care of mutant brand with films and series of different genre and personality, unlike Disney family, so merger sounds short-term is complicated. Although, if Disney wants, very possible. For time being, Fox has outstanding debut X-Men: Dark Phoenix, eighth delivery of main saga; The New mutants, approach to terror already shot, and Deadpool 2, successful sequel to a premiere that triumphed precisely by leaving family parameter. Even gambit with Channing Tatum seems close to rolling. Will Disney be able to have under its stamp this type of adult brands like Logan or TV legion? James Mangold, director of first, has already shown concern: "What happens when you make an adult movie is that study has to conform to reality that re will be no Happy meals or articulated dolls. The campaign to sell merchandising to children ends before y start. "

The second question that arises in Marvel is destination fantastic 4. The company founded by Stan Lee was so unhappy with latest film by Josh Trank that publisher decided in 2015 to close collection of his first superhero comic. After 54 years, for first time series did not reach shelves. Will first family return to Marvel? For it Disney will have to reach an agreement also with Constantin. For money it won't be, but maybe I don't have much interest in doing it. For Marvel readers it would be a fulfilled dream.

Adult franchises: The Planet of Apes, Predator and Alien

As with Logan, in recent years strategy of Fox's franchise films has been to try to attract an adult audience, to differentiate ir darker films from Marvel label. This has been case, for example, of trilogy of Planet of Apes, which made a comatose brand a worthy entertainment adored by critique. They may not be blockbusters as in Disney, but ir seal is still recognizable.

The same goes for Alien, although in recent years saga has been burned again and again. Ridley Scott continues, still, intent on conducting anor film that follows existential wake of Promeus and Alien: Covenant. Who does return in 2018 is former enemy of Xenomorph, Predator, with a film directed by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3). One of strategies can be to take advantage of Fox brand for use in adult releases. A second attempt by Miramax to also capture less-budget films of Searchlight and Fox 2000. Some films that stand out in deal: Mars, hidden figures, disappeared, Grand Hotel Budapest and shape of water.


Who was already in sights of Disney was James Cameron. Iger already had a story with Avatar. This year's Florida me park includes Pandora's area. Now it will be easier to expand brand of most grossing film in history worldwide. With that data under arm, although Cameron took eight years to roll second, it seems logical that y maintain plan to record consecutively until fifth installment, already in production.

The Simpsons, far of family and animation for adults

The Simpsons have been on screen for almost 30 years, but it remains undoubtedly one of Fox's most powerful brands, and of which Disney's merchandising operations could be exploited. Perhaps his future television is more in doubt than ever because of fatigue of series, but a second film is something that has been posing for a long time. This could be time. The old seasons of series can also be a juicy content for new online channel. At end of day, The Simpsons already predicted merger between Disney and Fox.

The Matt Groening series is just one piece in Fox's adult animation network, which blankets Bob Burger and all franchises of Seth MacFarlane, creator of a family far who has recently given channel successful sci-fi comedy The Orville. Will Disney bet on adult animation? It would be something new.

Blue Sky, family animation

One of most clearly endangered brands is animation division for entire Fox family. Blue Sky, responsible for successes such as Ice Age or Rio, does not seem to have a niche in a company that already has two most powerful animation companies. Maybe brand ends up being sold to anor major, or it just disappears.

Television FOX and FX

One of great doubts is what will happen to series that aired Fox. It is true that Rupert Murdoch's generalist chain was already largely sports and news (which remain on Fox), but his prime-time remains plagued by entertainment for two hours. Hence come out for example recognizable marks as X file (which in January launches its eleventh season and could always return to cinema), Prison Break, 24, Bones, how I knew your Mor, Empire and Ryan Murphy series (in addition to series that produce for ors Channels like This is Us and Modern Family, both from Disney channel, ABC. All good material to take to your streaming.

The jewel of crown, yes, is in cable, in one of most prestigious channels of television, FX and respected executive John Landgraf, who is owed many of great fictions of small screen. In his hands are successes such as Shield, Fargo, Louie, American Crime story, American Horror story, Sons of Anarchy and Americans. Does this block Disney brand? The agreement also includes National Geographic channel, increasingly interested in self-fiction.

The domination of streaming and Hulu

One of most important movements of this purchase, even if sometimes it goes unnoticed, is new domain of Disney on one of its most important competitors in streaming. From acquisition of Fox, Disney owns 60% of Hulu platform (Fox had 30%), responsible for series like Handmaid's Tale. Will you use this established platform to expand your business and make it international, to distribute content Concrete or simply delete it from map? To this we must add actions of British Sky, which has recently arrived in Spain. Disney had already announced in 2019 will launch a proprietary content platform with which to compete against Netflix. There he will put all meat on spit.

Or flagship brands: The Jungle, Home Alone, Independence Day...

Disney's new Bako demand platform will now be able to take hold of highly-nourished Fox archive. Of brands such as The Crystal Jungle, Home Alone, night at museum, Independence Day and even original Star Wars trilogy, from which Disney will be able to take advantage of special editions and cinematic relaunches. With history of Fox and Disney assembled, content can be unbeatable.

Little by little any embers of entertainment world will be owned by Disney. Thus, dominance of global billboard is yet to come, with consequences that it may have for halls and competition. Bob Iger follows his world domination campaign. So some already ventured to talk about even ir possible presidential campaign for 2020, something now impossible since agreement will remain as CEO until 2012.


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