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' Fugitive ': Paz Vega, a wig and a runaway without a hook

The new series of the 1 wants to be an ambitious one, but it has a problem of rhythm and with its protagonist

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' Fugitive ': Paz Vega, a wig and a runaway without a hook

Fugitive wants to be an ambitious series. He wants to be a story with a strong protagonist and a feminist message. He wants to mix genres and look for his own identity. But in first chapter, those desires remain in that, without being fulfilled. The story, which introduces us to a Mexican family of wealthy living, starts with force, with scenes of action during abduction of woman and her three children. Then it will be discovered that appearances, how not, deceive.

But first 60 minutes of this story (in a shorter pilot chapter than usual in Spanish series, which is appreciated) have a problem of rhythm. And once you get over that boot, action slows down to a few final minutes so explanatory that make spectator feel that y are taking him for a fool. Nor does it help voiceover of beginning and end on images of protagonist diving. What was need?

A similar feeling is experienced when you have to believe peace Vega on screen. Because if fugitive has a problem with rhythm in his first chapter, he has anor very serious with his protagonist. Both his interpretation and his wig makes spectator all time aware that he is seeing a big lie and is not able to enter story. Yes, it is a series of fiction and you always have to take for granted that pact that, on or side of screen, we do as we believe that what we are seeing is true. But sometimes it's impossible to simulate.

All series need some time to show off as y really are. And in case of fugitive, maybe thing changes when it's in flour. But, especially in a thriller, if you do not engage spectator from first chapter, bad business.

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