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Galactic conditions to exhibit ' The Last Jedi '

Disney claims 65% of the price of tickets in the United States and 60% in Spain to exhibit the film

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Galactic conditions to exhibit ' The Last Jedi '
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Whoever wants to see last Jedi will have to pay, and that's worth not only to spectators. Disney studios have imposed draconian conditions on American exhibitors. Anyone who wants to display film in ir rooms will have to pay 65% of ir earnings to major. As added rooms will have to keep film for at least 4 weeks. And unfulfilled will be penalized to pay 5% more of profits, in total, 70% of tickets sold.

The last Jedi are expected to be second best premiere in history, just behind ir predecessor in Star Wars saga, awakening of force. Episode VII reached 212.7 million euros in its first opening weekend (it came out in 4,134 halls of United States and Canada, where it achieved 46% of its earnings). And 1.753 billion euros at World box office at end of his commercial career in halls.

At that 2015 Disney was not so sure of its golden egg hen and although as a percentage asked for a similar, 64% of price of entry, distributor only demanded two weeks on best screen. Things have changed. Perhaps for a multiroom capital difference does not sound excessive but for a rural cinema with just three or four screens commit to keep on display film Rian Johnson when biggest releases of season can be a suicide.

Even with more than 800 million euros that raised awakening of Force in United States and Canada, its premiere left room for or blockbusters such as reborn (157 million euros) and odious eight (46 million euros).

Where's business? On popcorn, beverages or any of products for sale in halls of cinemas. Deadline Magazine is accounts: even removing that 65%, a cinema, on average, can be easily with 35,000 dollars calculating a box office of 100,000 dollars — almost 85,000 euros — during first weekend. The market estimates that 80% of spectators will consume popcorn and or treats, with which cinema would take 64,000 euros more. The rest of major releases are carried in United States from 55% to 57%. Of course, as Deadline asks, "What film Are you going to exhibit?"

This does not happen in almost any part of Europe, where, by law or agreements, percentage is closed. In France, thanks to an intersectoral agreement, first week does not exceed 50% and average is 40%. In Germany, anor convention stipulates a maximum of 45%. Similar terms are handled in United Kingdom.

In Spain, on or hand, it governs law of strongest, as in USA. Disney has not reached that 65%, but at 60%, which is usually maximum that claim majors of one of its premieres. The last Jedi debuted in 1,049 halls of a national park of 4,000. And in all formats: 2d, 3d, ATMOS, IMAX, dubbed to Castilian, to Catalan, in original version subtitled... On Wednesday, in advance acquisitions, re were already 220,000 tickets sold. The price of an entry, 21% is VAT, 3% is for intellectual Rights management entities and, in very variable percentages, 33% for Exhibitor and 43% for Distributor. Very variable, because Hollywood studios usually ask for 55% and reach 60%. Indie distributors sometimes only reach 35%. And percentage drops as weeks go by. They are secret agreements and change according to title and room. The exhibitors remember high price of electricity in Spain, which at end of 1,000 euros are about 160. Besides re is major Warner, that does not take a percentage but a fixed of each entry; Hence his films do not usually enter promotions of rooms. "Sometimes, if film does not meet expectations, y lower that fixed," says an exhibitor. The business? As in USA, it is in popcorn, whose sale compensates for fall in events such as film Festival, where tickets cost only 2.90 euros.


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