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“Having had cancer keeps me from doing a student loan “

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“Having had cancer keeps me from doing a student loan “

Thomas, 19, has defeated cancer that had prevented him from commencing his studies last year. But it is necessary to abandon its plans to integrate a business school and to purchase real estate, failure to obtain a loan for fund.

" How to finance his graduate studies or his life as a student after having a cancer or or long-term ailments ? "The question we have been asked on page Facebook of World Campus, by a young man of 19 years, Thomas (name changed), who said soberly" about ". After a few exchanges, we offered him to testify his situation, shared by or former patients. Here is his text.

" It was a year ago : a few days before joining IUT, I learned that I was suffering from cancer (Hodgkin's lymphoma, Stage III-A for curious). It is a cancer that is treated relatively well, and to confront it physically has not been most complicated step for me. Medically, I received an excellent follow-up. Despite moments of great fatigue, a week after chemorapy, and n, even during radiorapy, I was back on basketball courts. But question is quickly asked : what is a student 18 years of age (finally, I have not even had time to do my first day that I was already at hospital...) may become after this ? According to my experience, in such a situation, help is not present.

I'm not talking about moral support. The support I've had and I still have, without doubt, it is thanks to this that, in past few weeks, I am in remission – which means that re is no trace of cancer at present time. What I lack is administrative support, while unfortunately, in eyes of society, I am now slightly “different”.

" Wait five years after announcement of my forgiveness "

First bad news : having had cancer makes it extremely difficult to have access to insurance, debt, a prerequisite to obtaining a loan from a bank. That's pretty awesome that, at time where I would feel like I moved in an apartment, and try contest of business school after my DUT in management of enterprises and administrations. Certainly, by searching Internet and thanks to a board of World Campus, I learned of existence of Aeras convention. It is supposed to “facilitate access” to insurance loan despite my past of “cancer”. In addition to this agreement, re has apparently been a lot of progress in field of finance vis-à-vis sick.

for Me, after an appointment with my counsellor in bank, I know that I'll have to wait five years after announcement of my remission, without relapse, before y can borrow for a real estate project. It is in any case like this that it goes in my bank (and y have already had a case in my agency). I have ability to take a loan for consumption, with small amounts of money, but not a student loan in order to finance registration in a business school. In short, dad-mom are going to have me live with m until my 24 years, and I can't do studies that I looked forward to.

Anor disappointment, on side of social worker at hospital where I was cared for. My parents and I have had to do all only papers for taken loads of care and or approaches, like if we had a head to it. And it is by a knowledge of my mor social worker was not aware – that we have learned ability to mount a folder from our home county of disabled persons (MDPH) in order to achieve, at a minimum, recognition quality of a disabled worker. His son, who has had cancer for 14 years and is now in learning, has received this recognition, and even touch on a beautiful exchange in framework of his studies.

" I do not ask for moon, just a recognition, "

In my case, answer came after six months of waiting, a small mail arrived at same time as announcement of my forgiveness : I have no right to anything. But nothing. “A review at request of person concerned, after stabilization of his state of health”, says letter. Me, I understand that sentence as : “You're sick, you démerdes all alone.”

I am not asking for moon, no allowances or planning, just a recognition. This is not a choice of taste of chemo. I'm going to live next few years with a sword of Damocles hanging over me, risk of falling ill, and this interrupt again with my studies, that it disrupts my debut into workforce. Having this status will facilitate access to grants for training and employment. So I intend to make an appeal for reconsideration. What saddens me most in all of this, is to have impression of begging. I know that re are some associations that could accompany me, for example, I consulted website of League against cancer, but I don't want to go re I complain. It seems to me that it is for public authorities to provide aid.

Or sense of injustice : I was 18 years old three months before my cancer to be diagnosed. And se three months will cost me very very expensive : if verdict of my illness had fallen off when I was still a minor, I would not have any obligation to report on m to banks during a loan application. Ditto, when one is a minor, everything moves faster, everything is more efficient in process, as a social worker takes care of everything.

After all se adventures, it only remains for me to repeat my DUT. Finally, at start, in fact : director of my department was very understanding, “whitening” in last year. I hadn't been able to validate : is too a vegetable for me to go to class, I worked a few materials at a distance, but after first semester, I no longer had new teachers to whom I sent my exercises.

That's it. Future students, don't be a cancer. In addition to effects of disease and treatment, you may feel very alone in fight for administrative, and to build and finance your future. I hope that some hospitals have placed more emphasis on cover but I have impression that re remains a vacuum of legal and social on se issues. This is all more terrible when we know that number of patients is increasing in recent years. "


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