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He loves me, he doesn't want me

With a monumental spectacle, Beyoncé and Jay-Z showed in Barcelona that the Margarita has said yes

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He loves me, he doesn't want me

Of hand, as path of altar, though who was in White was he. Thus appeared on stage Beyoncé and Jay-Z at beginning of ir only concert in Spain, before 47,000 spectators who almost filled Olympic stadium. Before, under voice of Nina Simone singing Black Is Color of My True Love's Hair, in screens size U2, some images of couple showing happiness and slogans relating to unalterable of love suggested what would be two hours of public reconciliation , main reason for tour on Run II, which y did not call lovebirds with good criteria. That was substrate of night, a couple staging complicity after having thrown junk to head. Yes, a lot of tough guy, but in end, almost cheesy message of triumphant love.

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The pattern of show was expressed quickly. The protagonists were reduced to two artists, whose images occupied monographically screens to bring ir gestures to individual. Following script of previous concerts, couple opened with Holy Grail, to finish first stage of performance with Part II (On Run), and Bonnie and Clyde. Jay-Z recited fierce after demonstrations of voice and nobly of his wife, more melodic, subtle and flexible in use of voice. The audience, mostly of Beyoncé, crazy with diva, while Jay-Z, who was acting in Spain for first time, was applauded as explosives explode, out of sympathy. In second section of show was very noticeable this end, because when it sounded Drunk In Love, Beyoncé could feel goddess. Even more. The first changes of wardrobe had already been verified, with Jay-Z dressed such that a boy of neighborhood lined up to capillaries.

And again it came to him, who despite his diction and energy, correctness of repertoire and his desire to like, did not cease to seem a fascinated consort. A little, albeit less, that years ago when Lou Reed agreed to act alongside Laurie Anderson and even seemed timid to his wife. But it is all about saving a marriage, but to do so you have to reinvent Pimpinela approaching culture of new African American power. To save couple and to continue selling private life as a central element of artistic discourse, something that has become a norm today that artists of level of Beyoncé and Jay-Z are celebrities that turn private life into spectacle. who also advertise mselves, a bit like Pique wants to make players in ir own networks.

To all this, couple already paraded through two parallel walkways that were entering territories of VIP zones, anor toll of new times. Up to six types of VIP re were. Soon you will not miss a VIP mindundi for anyone to feel a shabby. Fireworks, lights, a body of 16 dancers and a large band that was showing little by little in background, in scaffolding that let see two huge screens that were opening and closing on stage. A montage of bluebells, spectacular, not giddy or only based on size, but less subtle than that offered by Beyoncé alone two years ago, where only she things candide with an oceanic charisma and a display of overwhelming power. This montage also rested in human figure, center of images, but Jay-Z does not have that hieratic that freezes blood of one who looks at diva alone, planted on stage, challenging and defiant. Jay-Z was power though, at risk of offending gods of hip-hop, its exit to scene or skimmed ecstasy that for example achieved Beyoncé with Sandunguero My People destiny Child, everything and in final stretch, with mes such as niggas in Paris put stadium to her Vir.

Because in end show worked graph and convincing: changing costumes, distribution of protagonism, alternation between rhythm and blues and hip-hop, power of sound... Even a Tyrolean camera followed stars allowing Realizer to offer multiple planes that also occasionally pricked with effects. At end of night y ended up sounding about 40 songs that went over gems of both artists without leaving to fly over state of Eddy Cantor's phrase: "Marriage is trying to solve between two problems that would never have arisen in solitary." This is a show today.

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