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Health : two new categories of consultations created from the 1st November

Rates, 46 and 60 euros, these new classes of consultations have been published in the "official Journal" on Thursday.

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Health : two new categories of consultations created from the 1st November

rates, 46 and 60 euros, se new classes of consultations have been published in "official Journal" on Thursday.

The new agreement medical signed in August 2016 between medical doctors ' unions and health Insurance has revealed two new categories of consultations with general practitioners and specialists, whose rates have just been published in official Journal. They were created to take charge of acts longer and more complex, and will enter into force on 1st November.consultation "complex" to 46 euro

The consultation "complex" will be charged 46 euros. It covers several diseases, and some appointments of prevention. Will be involved in sessions to support children in a proven risk of obesity, just as care of newborns requiring a "specific monitoring" per pediatrician, birth-to-twenty-eight days. For young girls of 15 to 18 years, first consultation to obtain contraception or prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, fit into this category.

The serious disturbances of eating behavior, tuberculosis, asthma, eye disease serious also fall into this category and will see consultation, to be increased to 16 euros, 62 euros.

consultation "very complex" to 60 euros

It will be diseased kidney chronic to a renal transplant, congenital malformations, serious, consultations of announcement of cancer, serious diseases of fetus. Its price will be 60 euros.

consultations long increased

home visits are re-evaluated, when y concern some patients with neuro-degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's. The treating physician will be required to charge 70 euro instead of 56 euro today, and will be able to visit three times per year, compared to a single annual visit earlier.

refunds will always be supported to tune of 70 % by medicare and 100 % for people with long-term ailments.


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