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Holland withdraws from the market a children's book that disparages Suriname

Sanne de Bakker, the author, has apologized for her insulting passages on the inhabitants of the former Dutch colony in South America

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Holland withdraws from the market a children's book that disparages Suriname

"Did you know that in Suriname re are many dead dogs on roadside and that some people run over m on purpose to see how y wri?" A sad, cruel even note, deserving at least a check. However, it appears as an informative track in a children's book titled Suriname, here we eat! (Suriname, here we Go) signed by Dutch author Sanne de Bakker. Written in Dutch despite title in English, work has just been removed from release after criticism of a mor on Facebook became viral.

"How can you sell this book?, go Trash," says brunette tabored in her account on social networks. She visited a library in Amsterdam with her son when she repaired text, which she described as "disgusting." Anor of informational boxes suggests that slavery was voluntary and a way of having a better life. It says: "You have a roof and food and y treat you relatively well." of Bakker has asked for excuses "for all fragments that may have been offensive", and he has regretted " avalanche of malicious messages, insults, intimidation and unfounded accusations of racism" that he has received, "and have seized" from his Facebook page, said .

The Dutch publisher of book, Kluitman, has decided to cancel sale of book and Bakker has not opposed. "As I said last year, it was never my purpose to insult anyone, and I want Suriname [former Dutch colony in South America]," he adds. In 2017, a fragment was already removed, dedicated to people's habits. He said: "Did you know that in Suriname it is common to deceive couple? Most men have at least one dear, and sometimes several. "

Suriname Here we eat! It tells story of family of girl Floortje of Mol, which wins fat one of lottery and embarks on a voyage around world. It is part of a series of trips, with same title for different countries and cities: Morocco, Thailand and new York, among m. In Adventure of Suriname, parents travel, bror of little one, grandmor, "who has dementia and cannot stay alone", and dog. It is a mixture of diary, tour guide and photo album with notes and ideas of Floortje, who wants to be an artist. Intended for an audience from 9 years, accusation of racism, rejected by author, or conflicting passages join. For example, this: "Did you know that phone calls between inhabitants of Suriname can last for hours? They need a lot of time at first and n re's no way y'll end. " The writer was to visit Suriname in 2019 and is afraid of not being able to do so under circumstances, she explains on Facebook.

Suriname, formerly Dutch Guiana, is located in South America and is today one of smallest countries in South America. It was a British colony with slaves, and was under Dutch control in nineteenth century, although company of West Indies (1621) ran Dutch slave traffic of Africa, Brazil, Caribbean and North America. Suriname was an essential place for its trade in area and common past is present in both countries. In 2013, Dutch government expressed its "repentance" for traffic, but without officially asking for forgiveness. That year was 150 anniversary of abolition of slavery, which in its case added 550,000 people, according to official figures.

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