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How the stars have influenced our history

A documentary series raises the influence of stars in social and historical events

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How the stars have influenced our history

The sky has fascinated men since time immemorial. The stars have played a fundamental role in decisions of kings, becoming of wars, construction of emblematic buildings ... Characters such as Alfonso X wise, Felipe II, Diego Velázquez or Napoleon based ir decisions on designs of stars. The documentary series Twelve, The history from stars, that channel history premieres on Monday 4 (22.00), turns firmament to show influence of stars in day to day or in certain historical events.

Its six chapters aim to answer some doubts but also to generate more questions in Spectator. Are re any hidden messages in Las Meninas related to constellations? What was influence of stars in World War II? "All civilizations have felt overwhelmed by stars," says Rafael Bachillerato, director of National Astronomical Observatory and one of experts involved in documentary series.

"This series is something that defies knowledge of history heterodox for people to ask questions," explained Vicente Cassany, astrologer, writer and director of Twelve, history from stars, in presentation to press of program, which It maintains an "absolutely respectful and rigorous approach to history". "The stars are a watchtower that allows to direct a new look at history from above." For that we also add myth, with what we learn secret origin of things, says Cassany on this "new vision" in ir own words.

A different vision in which astronomy and astrology intersect and whose association defends those responsible for program but with nuances. "For many years y walked toger," defends Cassany. "We recognize presence of stars in everyday life, ir influence on social and everyday phenomena." But we deny influence in character or divination, ' clarifies bachelor. "If you bring it to divination or what television says is astrology, that is not," agrees Cassany.

Twelve, story from stars has been a complicated series of recording. In addition to participation of experts and scientists from different disciplines, two itinerant teams toured different locations in Spanish geography. "The stars for a filmmaker are something small, y are very far away and that y are seen at night, forcing you to take into account hours of filming," says Ricardo Villalba, producer and co-director of series. In addition, a camera was responsible for capturing timelapses for which more than 700,000 photographs were made. "It is not a production that allows you to send, here sky sends, and you can not be late or sky has already changed," says Villalba.


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