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In the morning in the evening in the restaurant on the ferry

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In the morning in the evening in the restaurant on the ferry
In evening in restaurant on ferry in morning date of entry: 17.9.2017 half of tourists who come each year from Turkey to island of Leros. Turkish tourists who visited island where ever you go even in places it's same. “Leros, 1980s like basement of a friendly, warm,” said tourism author Eda Ozsoy, she penned ir impressions about island flocked to Greek islands for summer holiday morning in Turkish traveler. In azure waters of Aegean, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete or popular islands such as Rhodes are very much in demand. However, some of m located in route of travelers, though not necessarily reputation of ors less. One of m is basement corner neighbor at right side of island of Leros, Greece Leros is used as a rehabilitation center for mental patients in many years, today makes a living on tourism. Kalimnos in north of island in heart of Bodrum Turgutreis, Turkey by ferry only 1.5 hours away. We know very well, who knows to hear a lot about name, and or Greek islands makes this island even more attractive to be so popular.half of tourists come to TurkeyActually, many tourists are coming from Turkey to island of Leros. Even opportunity to talk to mayor on island of Leros Kolias Michaels, we Turks has survived thanks to says. Every year, approximately 50 thousand tourists came and more than half of travelers tells that Turkish. Michaels, holiday island is a very beautiful route, noting that "Leros, a small island, despite being very wide and deep history. Carrying scars of Second World War. I'd say it was too many tourists here especially for diving. Under water re are eight ships from Civil War. You can see m," he fee APARTMENTSLeros, michalies it's really a very nice place as you said. Long holiday season. From April until October you can visit this place. This year was full of almost all facilities. Hotel and restaurant prices are affordable as well. Very beautiful beaches. Colorful buildings and small villages with traditional architecture but at same time calm, quiet and a simple name. We a small island length of coastline 71 kilometers. Geography a village in recessed ledge and beach where we necessarily conspicuous by return if you return you see. From all parts of island, entering sea and sun loungers to be free of is an enormous advantage. However, if you want to get a beach necessarily, panel or you can visit beach in forehead.SCARS OTTOMAN and ItalianLeros has a very deep history. Even history dates back to ancient times. When we step into almost anywhere you can see from 10. built in XVII century, historic castle of Leros we will welcome you. The island remained under Ottoman rule for 400 years from about 1500. In later period, had been occupied by Italians. Islands, Greece participates in last 12. For this reason, brings to mind streets of Leros from us. Here, traces from Ottoman period and Italian experience with you frequently.morning and eveningwe which is center of marina, cafes, pastry shops and you can spend some time in a small shop that sells Souvenirs. Turks loves people of Leros. Because livelihood of island tourism. For this reason, paying special attention to Turks. The Turks who visit island is almost identical to places that y went. With most of people you see even on ferry when travelling eir for lunch or dinner, or else you'll experience. Everyone wants to eat in same restaurants. Dimitris Fish Taverna Mylos restaurant and se black flash. Blame those who don't eat here restaurants full of Turkish tourists who filled air with se two, it would be an exaggeration to say front desk to make a reservation at vie. You guessed it, I'd say y were wonderful about fish and seafood.


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