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In the prison of the Muses

A cycle of lectures addresses the relationship between men considered geniuses and their partners relegated to shadow spaces

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In the prison of the Muses

The hidden face of actress Hedy Lamarr, possibly one of most beautiful women in history, was that of a brilliant engineer who developed an encrypted system that prevented enemy from intercepting torpedoes, a patent that decades later has given technological basis to Our millions of wireless communications. But it was his kisses that were quoted.

Last week, French film academy announced that this year its Caesar of Honor will be for Penelope Cruz and first two expressions that justified such distinction did not seem to have much to do with his work: for being "muse of great filmmakers and splendorous Latin Beauty. "

Alfred Hitchcock thanked in this way, in a tribute he received at 80 years, influence that in his life and his career had had four people: "The first is a film editor, second, a screenwriter, third is mor of my daughter Pat , and fourth is most excellent cook that has worked miracles in a domestic kitchen. The name of four is Alma Reville. " But many of you probably didn't know that this was called director of Suspense's wife, not even if he was married. Hidden faces.

This is not, however, a film report, but of many women whose work, intelligence and genius have remained in background, hidden under an ereal name that condemns anonymity: muses. Some of m were accompanied by men who were extolled without qualms with qualification of geniuses.

A cycle of lectures starting today at CaixaForum in Madrid aims to address this issue, prison in which Muses have been locked up, denying, under that name, ir capacity for creativity, ingenuity, art, while y developed se faculties so comfortable, Inspired by se beings whose lives were often "empty and depressing." "They were not muses, but secretaries, nurses, mors, cooks, lovers, while ir creativity was parked or hidden," explains writer Laura Freixas, coordinator of se days toger with Pilar Vicente de Foronda, with participation of Fedepe and National Library.

Every Monday, for six weeks, a lecturer is invited to talk about a famous couple. Today is turn of British teacher and writer Griselda Pollock, which will open to public marriage between Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. She, most brilliant product of America's consumption, spectacle and glamour of years 50; Her husband, a well-known playwright and leftist intellectual, Pulitzer prize. Griselda Pollock highlights many biographies about iconic actress in which, however, "re is very little analysis of his work," writes thus, in capital letters in an email from his country. This teacher wondered "how did a white woman, uneducated and abused become a star like one she was?" Why was Andy Warhol crying? Why did Elton John identify with her? Why did Madonna forge her image in likeness of actress? " Formed with Arthur Miller "What a patriarchal mythology: Genius and Muse. The classical opposition between activity and passivity, desire and object of desire, creativity and inspiration. " The teacher believes that "a different language is needed". Marilyn says "he was acting in front of camera with genius and got vapid comedy scripts to be remembered just for her." "He was intelligent, inquisitive and politically engaged; Passionate and desperately ambitious to understand art of acting. " "Miller," he adds, "did not inspire her, was obsessed with her. I think you're both flawed geniuses. "

The groundbreaking installation of bath scene in psychosis and fact that it was accompanied by music are products of ingenuity of Alma Reville, wife of Alfred Hitchcock, with whom he cosigned several scripts. "In birth of film industry re were many women who went out as it became a big business," explains screenwriter and director Inés Paris, who will take care of this "curious couple."

On Yoko Ono and John Lennon, singer Christina Rosenvinge is to speak: "Yoko is vilified by much of world of music. She has never responded to archetype of sweet and angelic muse. It was a power in itself and was instrumental in intellectual evolution of John Lennon. Until recently his authorship has not been recognized in songs like Imagine. "

The words Musa and Genie do not have ir complementary gender: neir re are musos or geniuses. Something's not right. The dictionary seems to indicate that women, by fact of being, are incapacitated for genius while y would serve to flutter which nymphs around male minds by making all its splendor flourish. Or withholding children so that in House reigns peace to continue writing, Muses will be charged to pass it to machine.

The masculine patent of Corso

The binomial Musa and genie is maximum expression of male and female roles in a patriarchal society. "A genius with a patent of Corso, who is forgiven and is pampered for being, is admired and idolized, re are many examples today: from Neruda to Woody Allen or Juan Ramón Jiménez. However, Musa is maximum expression of feminine, anonymous woman, who works free, without profession or income, versatile, housewife, "explains Freixas. The writer Nona Benegas will tell creative life of Coco Chanel, and Marcela Lagarde analyzes in terms of gender couple who formed Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, among ors.

In years 50, Hedy Lamarr, beset for its hatred with Nazis (one of its husbands was) gave to Allies patent which avoided to intercept torpedoes. He had developed it with his partner, pianist George Anteuil, precisely inspired by music, she also played piano. "Then he had fled to US, but his engineering skills, which he left behind in cinema were still fresh in his head, a prodigy of intelligence and genius that at that time was wasted with impunity," says chemist and writer Adela Muñoz Páez, anor of Speakers. The Americans put Lamarr to auction kisses on television with which he got millions of dollars for troops. It has been half a century, but light of genius continues to project a long shadow over his resigned muses.


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