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Inclusive language leaps from the street to institutions

Scholars differ in the need to retouch the text of the Constitution to bring it to the 21st century

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Inclusive language leaps from the street to institutions
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  • Linguistic sexism and women's visibility
  • The left urges to incorporate "inclusive language" into legal texts

If Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) considers that text of Constitution can be retouched with an inclusive language where both men and women feel represented, academic Arturo Pérez-Reverte has promised to leave institution. As in old lances of cloak and sword, he has pawned his word in a tweet. And n he's done mutis. He'll see.

Some of his colleagues have not been so on guard, after all it is nothing more than a non-binding report to take a look at how it was written in Spanish administration of 1970s. "The subject is on street, in press, in bars. Of course you have to take a look at constitution and talk about everything, "says Soledad Puértolas, also a writer and member of Academy.

It is also not wrong for Inés Fernández-Ordóñez to study this matter because he considers, as his colleague, that debate is on street. "In administrative texts presence of female population can be recorded and collected in a sensitive way. If you start a conference with a "Ladies and gentlemen" in or situations you can also mark, of entry, that female presence. "

Perez-Reverte has promised to leave SAR if it attends feminist claims

Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, who entered royal house in 2016, does not see as much a social demand of inclusive language as a political pressure, to which he believes that academy must resist. "The SAR has always been against inclusive language, because one thing is visibility of women and y occupy positions in institutions and anor that language is forced," he says.

Is it forcing language to change "The Spaniards" by " Spanish population"? He thinks he's not. and or examples of inclusive language don't give him any hits eir. His battle seems to focus on duplicity: Basques and Basques. But that's not just what feminist movement is after. They offer many formulas, but debate seems to have stuck only in that. However, one and or could sign same arguments, it is ir sense in what y disagree. For example, everyone says that language is a living thing, that it must be attached to life. This would be signed on both sides. But Gutierrez Aragon believes that "it is very reactionary to be against reasons of thought." And that too could be wield by those who seek an inclusive language.

Fernández-Ordóñez: "We must deal with this issue with an interest in social demands"

In any case, says filmmaker: "There is No reason for language to be sought and political pressures produce rejection. The SAR must resist pressure and defend rights of language, "he says.

"Politics or society? That depends on each one's vision, it is debatable, "says Puértolas when asked wher this issue is political pressure or social demand.

The philologist Paz Battaner, which entered academy last year, is located next to "Forest report", one written by academician Ignacio Bosque in 2016, in which proposals of inclusive language were rejected. On government's initiative it says: "It does not seem to me most important thing to do now... but perhaps a text can be modified with grace and a sense of language, without forcing it...", concedes. And, as Gutiérrez Aragón, refuses to comment on position that has taken Pérez-Reverte.

"I believe that academy must attend to this matter with interest and discuss it and be open to demands of society", Fernández-Ordóñez Trench. And about Perez-Reverte: "He will see."

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