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Interactive Series to conquer young people

After passing through the platforms ' online ', the 1 emits an integral version of the Transmedia fiction ' If you Were you '

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Interactive Series to conquer young people

Spanish television has made leap to interactive digital formats, content with which state chain aspires to conquer young, an audience that is particularly elusive. This trend has begun to change thanks to if it were you, a trhiller of adolescent cut that has been molded according to decisions of users online. For almost two months, y have marked rhythm of this transmedia production of TVE.

Since its premiere, on September 11, site of If you were you have received more than one million unique visitors, of which 69% entered for first time to, according to data of corporation. The videos related to series accumulate 6.4 million of reproductions in platforms of RTVE, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. In this last forum has concentrated largest volume of followers in social networks (75,700), ahead of Facebook (18,386) and Twitter (2,786).

Produced by Atomis Media, if you were you've been immersed in a frantic filming process. The script hung every week with a thread. The plot had to adhere to public preferences. "We were in front of a series whose originality is interactivity." It is result of decisions that audience has been taking. For scriptwriters It's been a challenge. They have been forced to work against clock, "says Isabel Raventós, executive producer of series alongside Sergi Schaaff. The same uncertainty has been experienced by actors, who until eve of filming ignored PATHSS by those advancing ir characters.

At end of each chapter protagonist (Alba, who gave life María Pedraza) had to choose between two options put to vote among public. With winning bug plot of next chapter was assembled. And so on to final episode. "Followers have been actively involved in topics such as bulimia, bullying, or drug addiction." The decision of audience has always been respected, explains executive producer. From re team of scriptwriters, composed by Javier Olivares, Anäis Schaaff and Javier Pascual, "have been building a narrative as if it were a tree." The eight chapters (of 10 minutes each, except for first, 20) emitted on web have been recast in a telefilm that 1 emits this Friday (23.40). The full version and edited for International Sale includes unpublished sequences.

This project was proposed as an exploration of new trends that are investigating operators around world. The original idea was developed by public television in New Zealand. "They sought to attract those people who did not see conventional television and opted for an innovative and interactive project." It worked very well and exported model to Australia, "recalls Raventós.

In TVE result of this first experiment has been spectacular. The public hooked on if you were you're mostly young. More than 60% of followers in social networks are under 25 years, according to RTVE. In addition, 8,900 people were registered in phone WhatsApp of protagonist and almost 600 people participated to go as actors in filming of one of chapters. The audience asks for continuity, but future of if you were you are not yet written.

The public sends

The slow but sustained loss of audiences that are recorded traditional television broadcasts is generating great concern among operators. "Young people no longer see linear television." They go to digital platforms, which allow m to access content y want when y want. In addition, y are interested in participating in evolution of plots, says Isabel Raventós.

Veteran chains and new platforms like Netflix and HBO are experienced interactive projects. Steven Soderbergh has invested three years in development of Mosaic, a series starring Sharon Stone in which public can alter focus at will.


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