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Iraqi interpretation of Ilber Ortayli

The famous history professor Ilber, who attended the conference in Alanya, said that there is no country called Iraq, "all of which unfortunately is 1. The geography is drawn in the Cihan Harbi. He was drawn with a ruler. '

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Iraqi interpretation of Ilber Ortayli

The famous historian Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli, who was part of II. INES International Academic Studies Congress, gave a lecture on "Kirkuk and Mosul issue". Hundreds of people came to conference, sitting in hall, standing on stairs in hallway and followed conference.

The second in a hotel in Turks neighbourhood, which is held for 3 days. In addition to famous historian Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli, Rector of International Academic Studies Congress (INES-2017), Prof. Dr. Ahmet Pınarbaşı, rector of University of Konya Food and agriculture, Prof... Alanya Hamit Emin Pasha University rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Durdu Öner, Amasya University rector Prof. Dr. Metin Orbay, Slovakia DTI University rector Prof. Dr. Tomas Lengyelfalusy, Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yucel and numerous scholars Joined.


The famous historian Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli, Congress, gave a lecture on ' Kirkuk issue ' at Alanya Cultural Center. The citizens who come to listen to Ortayli and make long queues, have barely entered hall. A large number of people followed middle of hall and sat on stairs in hallway.

A group in back row rebelled when Ortayli didn't hear what he was saying. On top of that, "This is a small room, hopefully you'll have a bigger one. Alanya was a small town when I saw it. There was no way, I came in truck. You didn't know way. A bus to Gazipasa once a week. But he was a beautiful, lovely country. I'm afraid I found it a little too twisted. There's nothing to do if outside of hall doesn't hear. Your teacher is not an electrician. Report to municipality. Make a culture hall before you make a right-to-left, gibberish, and build a ridiculous apartment. Everybody does a building like this. You give it to Germans if you don't take it yourself. "


"I don't know how much Iraqi army is available"

Stating that today's issue is Kirkuk, Prof. Dr. Ortayli said, "It is a very hot topic, and finally yesterday, four martyrs were given. The liberation of Kirkuk has attracted your attention in news, ' Iraqi Army ' is mentioned. I don't know how much such a thing as Iraqi army is available. There's great support coming from Turkish army, and re's Iran, and re's even some or kind of guerrillas involved. There's a Kurdish mukhtar in north of Iraq. There are Kirkuk and Erbil in sourn region, where y are very argumentation. These are two great cities where Turks live, "he said.


"There is no country called Iraq."

He said re was no country in Iraq. The geography is drawn in Cihan Harbi. He was drawn with a ruler. Cevelle land can be drawn on land of United Nations. Because re are immigrants in last one, two rebels, most of m are same type of people. Among m, re is a very large ethnic difference, historical geography, political strife, and no border detection. That's where he was drawn with a ruler. If you look at map of America, re are a lot of states that are drawn up with a ruler. These are really autonomous, and I'll tell you, but re are no or ethnic immigrants here. But re is no such border in Middle East. Because re are various ethnic groups in Middle East. Even if y speak same language, ir religion does not fit. If y obey religions, dates do not fit, mantalites do not fit. The Colonial Office commissioned it to draw Iraq, and room was drawn by a ruler. "



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