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Irma, housing tax, events : news to remember this week

The Decoders summarize, for the readers of " The Morning of the World ", the essential news of the past few days.

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Irma, housing tax, events : news to remember this week
THE CATCH-up OF The ACTUOuragan Irma : balance sheet is growing, Macron visit sinistrésAprès passage of hurricane Irma in Caribbean and Florida, human toll has increased : 20 dead were counted in peninsula american, bringing total balance to 80 people. The damage is estimated to be between 20 and 60 billion dollars for only u.s. State. On a visit in French islands devastated Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, Emmanuel Macron has promised "emergency measures" for inhabitants. At least three months will be needed to rebuild electricity distribution systems or water. Relief, military and police forces expected to total on-site is expected to reach 2 000 people, while locals hurry to leave island and be repatriated in Guadeloupe or mainland france.

Survey : "There is a cover of dead" : roots of rumors about hurricane Irma

The exemption of property tax specified

exemption from property tax for 80 % of households that will be valid up to 30 000 euros of annual revenue (or 27 000 euros of income tax reference, RFR, that is to say, taking into account tax allowance of 10 %) for a single, and 48 000 euros revenues (43 000 euros of income tax reference) for a couple without children.

this is what announced by minister of public accounts, Gérald Darmanin. For a couple with one child, threshold will be $ 54 000 (49 000 euros to RFR). This is one of fiscal measures emblematic of program of Emmanuel Macron in direction of middle classes.

calculator : Will you be exempt from housing tax in 2020 ?

Demonstration against reform of labour code

The first social mobilization of quinquennium, against reform of labour code, brought, Tuesday, September 12, 223 000 protesters all over France according to ministry of interior, "nearly 500,000" according to CGT. These figures are very close to those announced in march 9, 2016, at national level, during first day of mobilization against law El Khomri : between 450 000 and 500 000 demonstrators according to CGT, and 224 000 according to police.

Decryption : The questions that you ask on reform of labour code

Levothyrox : old formula of drug will be available again,

The minister of health, Agnes Buzyn, said Friday that old formula of Levothyrox would be available again "within fifteen days" for patients with thyroid disorders. A decision intended to appease wrath of many patients describing side effects as " horrendous ", attributed to change in composition of ir medication, and denounced as a " scandal sanitary."

Context : The controversy over Levothyrox explained in six points

Paris officially designated for olympics 2024

After a century of waiting and catastrophic failures, Paris has been designated host city of olympic Games of 2024, Wednesday, 13 September, during 131st session of international olympic Committee (IOC) in Lima, Peru. At same time, at end of same voting process, Los Angeles was awarded contract for summer olympic games 2028. For se Games, which IOC had demanded that budget be controlled, organizing committee of paris, a budget of 6.6 billion euro, including 1.5 billion euros of public funding. In general, budget of olympics is often difficult to control.

Rohingya : security Council of UN denounced "excessive violence" in Burma

The security Council of united Nations (UN) has called for Burma " not immediate ", Wednesday, 13 September, to stop "excessive violence" against minority muslim Rohingya, who fled country in droves to seek refuge in Bangladesh. Earlier in day, spokesman for Aung San Suu Kyi had announced that special adviser to State — involved in this unprecedented crisis — had cancelled a visit to UN general Assembly scheduled at end of month.

Decryption : Understand crisis of Rohingya in Burma

And also...

North Korea. After vote on new sanctions against it by security Council, Pyongyang has again fired a missile over Japan on Friday.

London. A homemade device exploded Friday in london underground, injuring twenty people. The act has been called a "terrorist" by authorities, while islamic State has claimed responsibility for attack in day.

Turkey. The French journalist Wolf Bureau, detained for over fifty days in country, will soon be released, has announced one of its lawyers on Friday.

GAFA. At least eight european countries are ready to follow France in taxing multinational digital (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) country-by-country, on basis of ir turnover (not profits, as or groups, because y avoid paying a large share of tax systems to tax optimization).

Glyphosate. The molecule to herbicide most used in world, Roundup, Monsanto, has been found in sixteen of thirty foods in daily tested by NGO future Generations, including breakfast cereals, legumes and pasta.

APL. After having announced a reduction of 5 euros per month for all recipients of Aid personalized housing (APL) this summer, prime minister Edouard Philippe confirmed on Wednesday that government was considering many drops of APL in social housing, which may go up to 50 euros per accommodation per month, but that would be offset by a decline equal rents, ensures executive.

LDCS. The secretary of State, Marlène Schiappa, has announced that opening of medically assisted procreation for all women will be proposed in framework of revision of law on bioethics in 2018. In 2015, 24 839 children born of LDCS.

Monacogate. The World revealed Thursday that Russian billionaire Dmitri Rybolovlev, owner of football club AS Monaco, has used influence on police and justice system local as he was in conflict with a dealer item for a Few hours after, director of judicial services of principality, equivalent of minister of justice, Philippe Narmino, has exercised its rights to an " early retirement ".

Space. The probe Cassini, launched in 1997, has completed his mission of exploration of Saturn Friday by being disintegrated in atmosphere of ringed planet.

champions League. Paris Saint-Germain started competition by a wide victory on ground of Glasgow Celtic fc (5-0). AS Monaco, it has been hung in Leipzig (1-1).


Sumiteru Taniguchi. The activist anti-nuclear, irradiated in 1945, died of cancer at age of 88.

Myriam Ezratty. The magistrate, first woman appointed to head of penitentiary administration in France, is dead at age of 87 years.


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